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#12 Paul 2011-11-04 07:27
I can't say I knew Richard well but I did know him. I spoke with him every week. And every week he made me laugh. I remember having a few beers with him at Bedrocks last year. He was one of the saltiest cable guys I have every met. When I learned cable the salty guys were the best. They always took care of you. Richard was known for taking care of his men. I have learned a lot from him. I wish I had the opportunity to learn more.
#11 Robert Lee Creech 2011-11-03 15:28
I started with Medley in April of 2009 in June of 2009 I met Richard he didn't know me from any other new medley tech but treated me like i had been family for years he loved the work the being able to help out and his family
and also his co-workers his zest for life was like no other and the world is a sadder place but i do know if Heaven needs cable they got a Great man for the job

love you Richard and i miss you
#10 Crystal Kitchen 2011-11-03 13:11
I being one of Richards "Men" can tell you for a fact he was dedicated to us and always made sure we were taken care of. I will always remember Richard for the way he didn't hold back. When he had something to tell you he would tell you like it was. Like many others have said Richard loved his daughter with all his heart and i'm truly honored to have had the pleasure to be called his friend. I will miss you.

Your friend Tyrone K
#9 Randy Velasco 2011-11-03 10:56
Richard was a man's man. He loved and respected his team and knew how to have them experience it. He was a source of inspireation for me and will be greatly missed. You always knew what you were getting with him and it was always good. He loved his daughter more that life and let us know every chance he got. I love him and have a hole in my heart. Goodbye Richard, I'll see you in Heaven.
#8 Darrin Medley 2011-11-03 08:20
Richard, thank you so much for blessing Medley Communications and taking such great care of your guys. I will miss you very much. Rest In Peace Brother
Rick Hunter
#7 Rick Hunter 2011-11-03 00:41
I've known Richard since December of 2008 when Medley took over Sierra Vista. My first encounter was an unexpected call at 11:00 PM. Those who know Richard well know that call. He introduced himself as the other old guy in the company. Before long we both related to old times and past experiences. Every subsequent conversation we had was as sincere as the first-overflowi ng with his committment to the "Men" and the company. Richard naturally upheld our promise to his "Men", that "They are our most cherished asset and valued customer. Through listening support and respect, we build healthy professinals with a positive outlook on life and work, providing an environment that allows people to acheive gratness while producing a service that is second to none." Richard, I thank you for your dedication to "Your Men", your loyalty to the Company and for being a "Man" who's word was as good as gold.
"Sir", you will remembered for the difference you've made.
I will miss you Richard, may you rest in peace with the Lord.
#6 Melissa Delarosa Medina 2011-11-02 12:08
Such a loss...I loved Richard's raw personality. I saw him as a person that said what he needed say, the way he wanted to say it, no sugar coating. His honesty would make you chuckle cause you know no one else would be that direct sometimes. I enjoyed talking to Richard when I would see him in between his time with my husband or at company parties. He was very open & honest & allowed me to share my thoughts on what he would talk about. One thing we'll never forget yet always miss was his late night phone calls to my husband after being a bit tipsy, lol. Mindy, I have never met you but I want you know you're father will be missed dearly. His personality made people smile. I pray you find comfort during this difficult time.
#5 Christopher Castro 2011-11-02 09:56
I met Richard not to long after starting with Medley. I will never forget his ability to make me laugh in any situation and his dedication to his crew "The Men" and his friends. I was always proud and touched to know during those late night calls that I was accepted as not only his coworker but as his friend. He is a man that I respected and felt honored to know. Richard you will be missed and never forgotten. You always had the ability to take anything and go with it, you never held back how you truly felt and expressed your sarcasm with heart. You are one of the only guys that I've known that can be called a Real Man. My deepest sympathy for your family and especially your daughter Mindy.
#4 Thomas Hibbard 2011-11-02 08:49
I have not been a manager for very long and I never had the pleasure to meet Richard in person, however in the short time I worked with him, he always stood out in the meetings and seemed to make people laugh.
#3 Carrie Mitchell Grill 2011-11-02 06:47
I had the pleasure of finally putting a voice to a face when Richard came out to California for manager meetings. As a Co-Manager within our company most of our interaction was on conference calls, what I will miss most is the voice on the other end talking about "MY MEN" the team he ran out in our AZ, Sierra Vista system. Before meeting Richard I would always have this vision in my head of a Cowboy on a horse with his boots and spurs on, if you knew Richard you would know what I was talking about thanks to the voice and his country(well to me @ least =)accent. hahaha, I will miss hearing his voice on our conference calls and his ability to make me laugh when least expected. Especially when he in a second had the ability to stop our CEO Darrin in the middle of a conversation... "I Love You Darrin".. Just one of those Richard moments that I didn't have my mute button on and laughed... That is what I will remember of my Co-Leader the most, being a man that faced life positive No matter what he was faced with and his commitment to his "MEN" and job.....

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