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Richard Peterson's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

Richard Peterson was a father first and a Leader second. Richard was a man who was greatly respected and loved by his friends and co-workers. I had the honor and privilege to work with Richard for over two years and listen to him weekly talk about what he loved about his life. There was never a day that he did not talk about how much he loved his daughter and how blessed he was to have her in his life. You could feel his genuine pride and love as he would share about her. He also talked quite openly about his love for the Lord. I personally am touched to say that on one of the last calls I had with Richard he sarcastically told me that he loved me. I can still hear his voice clear as day. He was committed to making a difference and always brought laughter to our weekly calls. I know he will be missed very much by everyone that had the opportunity to know him. I would like to say once more. I Love you Richard and Medley will not be the same without you. Your Friend Darrin

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