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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Remembered.com?

Remembered.com allows you to create a web presence to honor, remember, and share memories of those who have departed. Our goal is to provide an interactive environment to create a lasting legacy for your loved ones that goes beyond a traditional wake or monument. A memorial allows you, family, and friends to celebrate a persons lifetime and provides a place to share your cherished memories. A simple way to begin is with your initial thoughts and feelings or a eulogy if one has been written. Then your memorial will build as stories, recollections, photos, and even videos can be added by yourself and others to create a wonderful way to preserve memories for future generations of friends and family.


How much does Remembered.com cost?

We believe every person should be remembered and provide a basic memorial free of charge. If you would like to customize and enhance the memorial, you may do so for a one-time fee. For more information about cost and features please visit our Features
Please note all activity within memorials is governed by our Terms of Use.


How can others access the memorial on Remembered.com?

Each memorial is assigned a unique address to share with others i.e. http://johndoe.remembered.com. Once you create a Memorial Website you can invite others to the memorial so that they can access it directly. Others can search the website to find memorials that are not marked private.


Who edits and updates the memorial?

When you create your memorial you will become the curator of the memorial. To make changes you will enter your email address and choose a password to edit the memorial. The password you choose provides you exclusive access to the editing section. The editing password is kept confidential and can only be sent to the email address on file for the memorial Website. Once you are in edit mode you can add photos, text or change and delete anything on any page of the memorial. Visitors to the memorial can add photos, videos, and messages to appear in the shared memories of your memorial. You will have the ability to alter or remove any inappropriate comment or photo within the edit section of your memorial.


Can I pass my curator access to another person?

You may pass access to another user of Remembered.com if needed. When doing so you will be sent a confirmation to your email on file to approve the transfer. To request a transfer, please submit a support ticket.


How long does it take to create a memorial?

It takes less than two minutes to create the basics of the memorial. After that, you can continue to add and edit content at any time over as much time as you would like.


How long do memorials stay online?

Remembered.com does not remove any memorial unless it is requested by the family or violates our Terms of Use. Your memorial remains for as long as Remembered.com is online.


I still have more questions. Who can I speak with?

The best way to reach us is via our online support system located here.