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Shawn Hailey

Shawn Hailey's Online Memorial Photo

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Tribute Wall


#16 Ann Gaither 2011-11-01 04:12
Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Love, Charlie Neil & Annie Gaither Neil
#15 Michael Fliesler 2011-10-27 13:44
Shawn was my boss at AMD in the mid-70's. He and Kim were some of the brightest people I ever met. Rest in peace, friend.
Pamela Biolley
#14 Pamela Biolley 2011-10-26 05:20
I remember the first time i met her at Palms. Ashawna showed up at the door with a friend. I made them dinner, we sat and talked. What an evening. Magical like Jodie’s birthday outing. From flying on the swing to Ashawna trying to explain her stock strategies...wh ile wading in the water. A newborn and a wise soul, twined and twirled.

I kept smiling as I looked at her photographs...s he was among the few real people I've ever met...Ashawna had the ability to look you straight in the eye while being the dream coming into form..imagine the guts to fix God's mistake. WHAT balls! And sweet fragility.
#13 Elsa Flores Almaraz 2011-10-25 17:46
Peruvian Sound Shaman Tito La Rosa was saddened to hear of our beloved Ashawna's passing and writes: "Que pena lo de la partida de nuestra hermana Ashana, le dedicar mi concierto de el sábado a su vida. una plegaria para ella"~ he says how sad for ashawna's passing he is and that he will dedicate his concert (in Lima) on saturday to her life, as a prayer for her.
#12 Jodie Evans 2011-10-23 01:22
I smile every time I think of Shawn, Ashawna. Remember the paper route, making raisin wine in your basement, going to Palo Duro Canyon, picking black eyed peas, making the circuit of Forest Lumber yards in West Texas, debating which state was better Texas or New Jersey, our parents crazy antics when we were little kids, flying in the small airplane with your Dad (that was my first plane ride), shooting all kinds of hand guns and rifles, going to vacation bible school in Lubbock, eating at Tex-Mex restaurants before anyone knew about them in other parts of the USA, all sorts of science experiments, accidentally (?) shutting down the telephone system in West Texas, driving little chunks of the interstate highway system as it was being constructed to get from Lubbock to Tulsa and beyond, Shawn at my Dad’s funeral, and then his walking the streets of Ouray in one of his sarongs after your Dad’s funeral and all the double and triple takes? lol All good memories!

Cousin Brett
Linda Gunther
#11 Linda Gunther 2011-10-22 11:31
Ashawna was a friend. I worked with Ashawna in the 90's at Meta Software...the most wonderful CEO I ever worked with. At that time, as VP HR, Ashawna grew me even further as a professional and a leader. I truly enjoyed every moment of my time with Ashawna. Later, after Meta, whenever we met for lunch - we laughed, we philosophized and we pondered many things of this world. Today, in Santa Cruz, I was driving (before I heard anything of her passing). I thought I saw Ashawna in a car next to me on the road. I was thinking about calling or writing only a few hours ago. Now only 5 minutes ago I heard of her passing. I will miss her very much...her wit, her intelligence and her positive energy.
Linda Gunther
#10 Mark Donohue 2011-10-22 07:55
This is a copy of my posting to the private Threshold Foundation Listserv, which several people have asked me to share on the memorial wall:

Dear Friends,

I was blessed to be a close friend of Ashawna. We met through Threshold, yet hung out in a number of other settings, plus we shared a lot of similar interests.

Given his eclectic and unique nature, many people did not see him fully. It is sometimes hard to not react the exterior of a person, and really see a person.

He was a truly lovely human being, caring for all, gentle yet very direct, generous (often in anonymous ways), courageous, and truly brilliant. At Threshold, after he learned that I had solely been funding the evening parties for several years, in my "Chairing" of the "Vice Committee", he immediately become a large and anonymous benefactor of about ten parties that I facilitated. He was generous yet without any need to have his ego stroked.

In the realm of his leadership, the company which he founded in 1978, and which created the leading software for semiconductor circuitry high-end design, HSpice, is still the global leading software for such purposes. He was a true Silicon Valley pioneer, yet seldom did he ever tell anyone of his actual accomplishments .

In business, as I know from dealing with him in a number of situations, he was incredibly quick and deeply wise and experienced, which was quite a juxtaposition given that his overall persona was focused on the pleasures of life, at an apparently hedonistic level, as he fully expressed himself as an individual, as opposed to playing the appearance of a savvy business man.

In other areas of life, he was also a pioneer, as one of the leading global funders of cutting-edge entheogen analog development, for personal growth and global consciousness expansion. He was in a rare league of brave individuals taking personal risks, and making significant investments to further this work for all our benefit.

At a personal level, he was a sweethearted friend, and so offbeat and unique, that I found him deeply refreshing. I love how he dared to be fully himself and push so many of the edges in life.

Please, everyone, send prayers for his peaceful, and enlightenned, passage in his current journey.

With Love & Light,

Mark Donohue

#9 Kim 2011-10-21 09:39
When our mom passed my dad typed out this poem. We read it again when he passed. Now it's Ashawna's turn.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

a guest
#8 a guest 2011-10-20 06:00
Before traveling to CO to rescue Rain from the psyche ward, the last friend I visited was Ashawna Hailey. On Monday I learned of her passing & have since been reminiscing, grieving, learning from Spirit greater lessons once unconfirmed, & realizing how much Ashawna is a part of & has affected my life. We have been close for six years & what I have learned from her & of her is bookworthy. My life could be nowhere what it is without her. My clothing is crafted from her fabrics & it was her who helped me get "past some issues" after not touching electronics for nearly seven years (for the most part). www.wildwillpower.com would not be hatching without her as she has been the one who paid for my wilderness gear & smartphone & sponsored Lonewolf so I could study with him & document his skills (as well as Bill Hill's, Gary Pickett's, & White Feather's) for the website. During our last visit I was fortunate to hear one of her "last wishes". She told me how she had recently eaten at an elegant hotel in North San Francisco area. She told me how they were throwing away loads of fantastic food & she asked them why. They told her they had to legally throw it away due to liability reasons. She then told me about what she called a legal "codeword" that saved her in a lawsuit years ago. The word was "imdemnify". If that hotel were held "imdemnified" then they would be considered "legally off the hook". Her idea was to "legally imdemnify" restaurants & hotels, etc. so that they would not be held legally accountable in case someone gets sick off their food at the end of the night. This is such a perfect example of her- brilliance in the name of abundance. One time I said something about "Wouldn't that be nice if..." & she responded "That doesn't sound like its coming from a place of abundance." I will be typing more because the glimpse I have of her makes her so unique that I'm curious to learn more. Rain & I were on our way to her place on our way back to Fairfax with plans to visit Frank Schiavo's house for the first time since he went spirit-side to meet the new owner & let them know more about him. Now we still go to San Jose but now to visit Ashawna's home as well. It is a very sad time for me, & yet I am meeting with the head of the Native Council of Kern County to give him a tour of the beginnings of www.wildwillpower.com in hopes to get umbrellad under their non-profit so we can qualify for grant funding & get the online store up. Ashawna left me like a mother bird pushing an airplane off the runway, & as soon as I look back I need to turn my head forward again to see the runway. Recently I apologized about having to be gone so often & she responded, "You're on a mission, Girl." I am sure that anyone who knows her that is reading this will miss her as I do & will, so my heart goes with you. I love her & will miss her dearly & yet I also know she passed on "tools" no other & there are many who are on missions with her.

No doubt there will be many of us dancing to electronic music with her in our hearts for many years. We Love you forever, Ashawna.
#7 Elizabeth Meador 2011-10-20 05:45
I am Ashawna's niece. Throughout my life, s/he provided life-changing advice, support, and absolutely unconditional non-judgmental love to me. Every visit was something to look forward to, good times to remember and profound conversations to ponder for days and months after. I am supremely grateful for her love, and I am who I am today in part for having known her. I will cherish the special trip she made to see me and my partner Dwayne in Austin last year, and I'm especially grateful for the long and loving conversation we just had last Thursday night.

I miss you dearly, Ashawna. I am sad my baby will not get to meet you in person, though I'm sure your spirit smiles upon us still. You changed my life, and I love you.

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