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Shawn Hailey

Shawn Hailey's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

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Memorial Biography

Shawn Hailey - Ashawna

Resident of San Jose and Kauai

 Silicon Valley pioneer

Shawn passed away at home in peace on October 14 at the age of 62. Shawn is survived by his children Neal Hailey and Nora Hailey and by his brother Kim Hailey. Shawn was born in Lubbock, Texas, on October 8, 1949. He attended Texas Tech University, where he co-founded Data-Link Corporation during his senior year. After graduation, he moved on to Martin Marietta to design the launch sequencer for the Sprint Anti-ballistic Missile System. He joined Kim at General Instrument as a microprocessor architect in 1972. He continued computer design at AMD in 1974 by building their first Intel compatible processor - the 9080. While at AMD he also introduced their first non-volatile memory family that competed with the Intel 2708. In 1979, Shawn and Kim founded Meta-Software. They introduced Hspice, a circuit simulator that has become the world standard for high speed circuit analysis. Together with the 120 members of the Meta team, the company went public in 1995 and today is an important part of Synopsys. Videos of this history can be found at http://silicongenesis.stanford.edu/


After a successful career in technology, Shawn embarked on an even greater challenge: the creation of Ashawna, an Independent Entertainment Professional. This was, perhaps, his most important endeavor. This metamorphosis opened the doors to an adventure that brought the newly realized Ashawna into contact with myriad kindred spirits. Ashawna approached the world with a loving and creative, playful, trickster genius that lightened and inspired the lives of those around her. Shawn, Ashawna and all that they created will be missed greatly. We who survive her are eternally grateful for the opportunity to have known her.

Over the years, Ashawna has helped guide and support many causes. She worked with Maps.org to advance a Phase II trial for subjects suffering from treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She was a strong supporter of CODEPINK, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Second Harvest Food Bank. Contributions may be made to one of Ashawna's favorite causes, which can be found at www.ashawnahailey.remembered.com.

Whether it was a morning board meeting, a lunch at Taco Bravo, a dinner with President Obama, or an all night dance, the sparkle of Ashawna will be missed and cherished by us all.

 Ashawna's Charities

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies - www.maps.org

Second Harvest Food Bank - www.shfb.org

Drug Policy Alliance - www.drugpolicy.org

CODEPINK - www.codepink.org

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation - www.aclu.org

Marijuana Policy Project - www.mpp.org