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Andreas Heiberg's Online Memorial Photo

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#15 A Legend in the fieldWendy 2021-03-19 16:31
I've been in denial about the passing of such a legend in the field. I knew Andy from our Switchyard expeditions up in Alert on Ellesmere Island. He was the glue and the grease to the operation, keeping everything together and moving smoothly. Everybody knew him, and everybody loved him. It's hard for me to comprehend that he could be gone. Rest in peace Andy, and know that you live on in our fond memories of you.
#14 Ode to a good manSara 2021-03-08 04:28
Although I crossed paths with Andreas only briefly, I am fortunate to have experienced his warmth and larger-than-lif e personality. I met Andreas in September 2019, while he was on a cruise around New England with his wife, Monica, and sister, Eva. I had recently visited Norway--includi ng his beloved Svalbard--and we all connected instantaneously . Over the next 10 days, we swapped stories and I learned about his Arctic adventures. We discovered our mutual interest in earthy poetry, including poems by Robert Service and the derivative, but naughty but educational, “Ode to an Oosik” (Google it if you dare!).
Andreas and Monica had kindly invited me to visit them on the West Coast. I was on track to see them in Spring 2020 -- then COVID hit...
The photos and stories in this memorial attest to the fullness of Andy’s life. They show the connections he made with people around the world; I feel blessed to be among them.
Skål min venn, Sara
#13 Tribute from Cousin ThomasChristian 2021-03-04 03:30
My cousin Andreas studied in Switzerland. Driving home to Norway in his car at beginning of semester break, he often used to stay in Hamburg. I was happy about his visits because he was 8 years elder, he was brave, I admired him.
He reported that while driving down hills he turned off the car engine to save money on gasoline. Andreas was able to tell exciting stories in German language. And he taught me his amazing magic tricks. He drove large trucks through Norway during the semester break.
Once he visited us at ski resort Arosa in Switzerland. Showing me some skiing skills, he helped me to improve my skiing.
Thomas Kreher, Hamburg
#12 Tribute from Cousin FranziskaChristian 2021-03-04 03:29
In the late 50th I first met my cousin Andreas on occasion of a summer holiday at Larkollen / Oslofjord. I remember that he was busy and clever in all kinds of work around the “hytte”. And he liked to joke.

My parents, Hanna and Alfred Kreher, liked to tell a story about him. Once, in the 80th, they got a call from a pilot, speaking to them from Hamburg airport. He had been asked to send kind regards from Andreas Heiberg. Overflowing the arctic in direction to Hamburg, he had got a call from Andreas at a polar station on the ice.

Franziska Gebhard
Nancy Bue Pfeiffer
#11 RE: andreasheibergNancy Bue Pfeiffer 2021-03-01 17:50
When we moved into our home next door to Andy and Monica fifteen years ago, little did we know at the time that we had won the neighbor lottery. We have so many wonderful memories of Andy—many of which involve golden retrievers, birds nests, bird houses, the dark side of squirrels, and our young daughter Kiki who loved spending time with him. One of our favorite memories took place on a summer afternoon four years ago. Kiki, who was 6 years old at the time, presented Andy with a small “bouquet” of wildflowers, weeds and grasses picked from our shared lawns and gardens. I wish I had a photograph of our daughter’s face (and mine!) when Andy hugged her and thanked her for the bouquet and then proceeded to eat the entire thing in 3 bites. Utter shock turned to pure amazement and inspiration. Andy was so generous and looking back, that one playful moment which set our plant-loving girl’s imagination on fire, was such a thoughtful, aspirational gift for a young mind.
Andy was a true friend to us and the best kind of mentor—he elegantly balanced his expertise with the joy of being wild and free. It is impossible to forget Andy—he will remain in our hearts and minds forever.
pat martin
#10 pat Martinpat martin 2021-02-28 18:47
More than a colleague, Andy was a friend when it would have been easier not to be. Good humor, quiet honesty, unwavering trust. Let us all make our feeble attempts to honor Andy by continuing that legacy.
Eva Heiberg
#9 Kjære bror.Eva Heiberg 2021-02-27 18:07
Andreas, min kjære storebror.
Det har alltid kjentes trygt og godt å vite at du finnes der borte på andre siden av havet. Nå når du er du borte, er og blir det et savn, ikke bare for meg, men for alle som kjente deg og sto deg nær. Jeg tenker særlig på din kjære Monica, og på dine barn, svigerbarn og barnebarn som du var så tydelig glad i og stolt av. Og så din trofaste hund Odin som lå hos deg til det siste. Jeg tror det blir et stort savn for dem alle. Heldige er vi som har så mange gode minner. For meg som sitter så langt borte er det godt å tenke på at du fikk dø hjemme i din egen seng og at dine kjæreste var rundt deg. Det en trøster for meg også å tenke på våre siste telefonsamtaler . Det var både glede og humor i stemmen din og vi kunne le sammen.
Når jeg lese på minnesiden din hva dine barn og barnebarn har skrevet om deg så kjenner jeg meg igjen. Hele live ditt hadde du et herlig lag med barn. Du så og ga uforbeholden oppmerksomhet til hver enkelt. og du var en mester i å finne noe å samle seg om. En lek, et spill, en oppgave osv., og mens vi fordypet oss i hva det nå var, så forklarte du, underviste og dro oss barn inn i oppgaven. Slik ble alt spennende og ga oss en opplevelse av å mestre noe nytt.
Ja, du var min storebror som jeg fikk en unik kontakt med som barn. Du var 12 år da jeg ble født og jeg var 7 år da du dro hjemmefra. Vi dro på fisketur, gikk til verkstedet og bygget hyller romme mitt, hogget julete i skogen - et stort til huset og et lite til dukkestuen, vi spilte fyrstikkpoker og kranglekabal, du lærte meg om reknestav og elektrisitet og du lærte meg å sykle. Jeg beundret deg grenseløst og ingenting kunne måle seg med det å få bli med deg. Litt fint må det vel ha vært for deg også å ha en slik liten nesegrus beundrer. Du spilte fotball og trekkspill og hadde en egen evne til å lage det hyggelig. Folk husker deg og spør etter deg. Du satte spor.
Jeg er dypt takknemlig og glad for at du var en del av min barndom og for all kontakt vi hadde i vårt voksne liv.
Imants Virsnieks
#8 Andy in actionImants Virsnieks 2021-02-27 11:49
The photo, of Andy in action from the files of Linda Mangum.
Andy wearing a favorite red sweater, is about to toss a box out of an airplane. He was well known for being a hands on manager/coordin ator. He loved being in on the action. He did it all.
Imants Virsnieks
#7 AIDJEXImants Virsnieks 2021-02-27 11:39
The 1975-76, Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment AIDJEX was what it was largely thanks to Andy. Oh how we, at ice station Blue Fox, all gathered around the radio for evening comms. to listen and talk to Andy Heibergs reassuringly calm voice.
In 1980 Andy gave me job as Thule coordinator for the AREA project. Little did I know then that was the beginning of my career. Andy was an excellent teacher, mentor and friend. With AIDJEX behind him he was well on the way to becoming the Arctic legend that he is today.
Imants Virsnieks
#6 Condolences to the familyImants Virsnieks 2021-02-27 11:36
Monica, Pia, and Christiana; my condolences on your loss.
Andy was a friend, and mentor to me. My gratitude is boundless. His Arctic achievements are legend. He will live on in all our memories.

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