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#2 Bill Gaillard 2012-04-14 14:24
Hello, Alberta-bound...

If you remember, I used to call you that based on the Gordon Lightfoot song from 1972.

It's hard to believe that only 4½ years ago on 30 September 2007, you and I and Virgil and my Barbara were all having dinner together at Aimee's French Bistro on South PCH in Redondo Beach. We didn't part then on the very best of terms, never saw one another again, but occasionally spoke with one another on the phone from RB to Arizona. Well, Virgil was the first to go, then my Barbara in 2010, and now you.

I met Virgil, first, at Hughes Helicopters in mid-January 1984, visited a few times at his house on Rowena Avenue in Los Feliz, and then I remember the day we ALL met together for the first time with Amanda at her house on Evergreen in Burbank shortly after Joshua's birth in January 1985, and then five years later when I attended your wedding in November 1990 at San Carlos Borromeo Church in North Hollywood. You and Virgil blindsided me at the last moment into reading a lesson at the pulpit. In Lithuanian, it came from the Gospel according to Kurak, I announced the lesson, and then some nincompoop blurted out from one of the front pews, "Spock’s father?" I remember all of us, including you and Virgil on your knees before the priest, doing everything we possibly could to maintain our composure and decorum. That was twenty-two years ago this coming Thanksgiving. 'Seems like yesterday.

As you and I were the only two left after Barbara's tragic death in April 2010, I was planning on doing the grand tour of California to see you, and as you were on my itinerary. Now, I guess I'll just have to come to Virgil's and your NEW "Redondo Beach" condominium a bit further south at "Hollywood Forever" in LA, instead.

I'll swing by to pay you two a visit and to say "hello".

Bill & Co. in Prescott
#1 Marcia Zinko 2012-03-26 04:27
Dearest Bertie,

You are missed and then some. You and Virgil were the first new friends Howard and I made as a newly married couple - 18 years ago. You soon became my always wanted sister.

I well remember the many times spent with you talking all afternoon and/or all night! The time you spent over at out place having fun with Sophie (our dog) and the cats, drink and food, will not be forgotten. We had so much shared time together at Brookside Village. Especially since we could walk to each other's homes.

The time spent by the swimming pool and the impromptu parties that resulted because of the sharing attitude of you and Virgil were so much fun for everyone. Virgil had the habit of trying new recipes and bringing people from the walkway inside for very nice "get to know you" visits. Many that resulted in very nice friendships.

Howard and I will never forget the times we spent together.

You and Virgil were a great "team". So much in love that the caring between the two of you was very visible. Were you two a normal couple who sometimes disagreed? Of course. You were human. But the love always showed through.

You both loved good drink, good food, opera, travel, photography and BRTs.

Bertie - When Virgil died you were like a boat set adrift. Your anchor to reality was cut. Then you moved to Paso Robles - a 5 hour drive for Howard and I.

Howard's sister and brother-in-law live in the area and we joined two wine clubs (one owned by a very good friend of my father's) so that we would travel more frequently. I wanted to be near you when you finally opened yourself back up to old friends. It took about a year but you did and I was so happy. Howard and I had many long weekends with you and the dogs the last two years of your life. Your 50th birthday was fantastic because we got to celebrate with you -- all 5 days we were in Paso. At 50 birthdays are worth celebrating at least a week!

Know that you were understood and still deeply loved. Illness included. You left this earth to soon for Howard and I -- but just right for you. I pray that You and Virgil, and all of the people you knew who went before you, are enjoying time doing what you two did so well on earth, in heaven.

Love, Marcia and Howard

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