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Alberta Kasperavicius's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

Alberta Hartshorn Kasperavicius (March 26, 1961 - January 28, 2012)

Alberta (loving known by friends and family as "Bertie" or "B") lived a full, but sadly short life.  She was laid to rest in Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles next to her parents, William and Dorothy Hartshorn and her husband Virgil Kasperavicius (May, 11 1944 – February 1, 2009). She was deeply spiritual and loved being a Catholic and being involved in the Catholic community services.

Bertie graduated from USC with a degree in Psychology and lived as a real member of the Trojan family with a "fight on" spirit in all of her activities.  Her favorite outfit was her USC sweatshirt and black pants. Bertie also loved opera and had continuous voice training throughout her life to sing opera.  One of her favorite things to do was to attend opera performances with friends and family.

She met her Virgil while working in the aerospace industry and they were married on February, 15, 1985. Bertie loved and helped raise Virgil's three children, Alexis, Julia and Nicholas.  While living in Redondo Beach, Bertie and Virgil found a mutual passion in breeding and showing Black Russian Terriers.  They were very proud of the dogs that they raised and showed, but moreover, loved the new friends in the Black Russian Terrier community (from all over the world) that shared the same passion for these huge beautiful animals.  Bertie considered her dogs her babies.

After her husband passed away, she moved to Paso Robles California to a house with lots of land for her and her dogs to call to home... she called this place Angel's Corner. Bertie collected angels and had them displayed all over her home, so calling her home Angel's Corner was most appropriate. Her final wishes were specific about making sure all of her dogs (six of them) were taken care of until all could find good loving homes. Just recently all dogs have been carefully placed with the help of the Black Russian Terrier Rescue Organization. Three of her babies were sent all the way to England to be cared for by a couple of her dearest friends.  Bertie wanted to set up a business that would allow a foundation to flourish in her name to support the care and rescue of animals as her legacy. This is currently in process.

God Bless Bertie and may she rest in peace....

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