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Olaoluwa Aluko's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

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Memorial Biography

OLAOLUWA EZEKIEL ALUKO was born on the 18th day of September to his father Emmanuel Sunday Aluko from Obokun Ilesa, Osun state and his mum Evangelist Alaba Aluko from Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State. 

He attended People 's Primary School, Ibadan for his primary education and Ibadan Boys High School for his Secondary Education.  He then proceeded to School of Science, Oke Bola and then attended NIIT computer School for Knowledge in Information Technology. He graduated with a BSc in Computer science from the University of Ibadan.

He attended Community Bible Institute & Seminary where he obtained a Diploma, Bachelors and Masters degree in Theology at a very tender age.
He completed a Doctorate in Divinity shortly after, all before the age of 23. He was ordained a Pastor in (Nigeria) at about the age of 21.
Right from childhood days he had displayed the sign of a special servant of God.

In 2011, he  obtained an MBA from the University of Wales Cardiff.
He has a wonderful personality and was always excited to help. A very sacrificial person with a very large heart.
His main goal was to make heaven and take as many people as he could with him.

He was known for some very unique phrases like, 'speak', 'you have really changed', 'you are very proud' and of course his hit song 'zamina zamina' many others that he would say just to make you laugh.
He had a gift of getting personal to everyone, but never neglected his family. One would say he was the perfect all rounder, both at home, in Church and in his profession.

He was never judgmental and always believed everyone deserves another chance. His knowledge of and desire to serve God during his lifetime was, and still continues to be an inspiration to many, both young and old.
One would say Olaoluwa Ezekiel Aluko was a model Christian, Son, Husband, Father, "MOG", Brother, Friend, Mentor and Colleague. He would always be fondly remembered and greatly missed!

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