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#14 Adekemi Adetowubo Aluko 2013-03-10 10:04
I remember when I first met you. We did not know at the time how much we would come to mean to each other. Then we became friends and then you asked me to marry you sometime after. That day was and still is the happiest day of my life.

Since we have been married, you did everything within your power to ensure I was happy, gave me everything I wanted, respected and protected me. I remember telling you that I don't know what goog deed I did that made Him bless me with you. PA, my best friend, lover and husband I miss you. Every time I eat I miss you. When I sleep I miss you, when am up I miss you. You showed me so much love, so pure and fresh. Appreciated me everyday in a different way. Always surprising me pleasantly. You are truly one of the greatest men that walked this earth. A man of wisdom and integrity. A man with a large heart. A man in every respect, a man that knew when to lay aside his ego. I only wish I made you half as happy as you made me.

I give thanks to God for the privilege of knowing you and being your wife. It has been a wonderful, adventurous and exciting journey. I have learnt so much fom you and even now I draw strength from God and your words. An angel indeed. I am so proud of you and I would marry you over and over and over again if i could do it all over. I know you are with the Father, you looked forward to being with Him so much anyway. We will see again when the Lord comes with clouds descending to take us home. Till then sing this song Only You are Holy...
#13 Abiola 2013-02-19 03:02
How do I even begin? It's still so surreal to me, the one I feel I will wake up and the dream will be all over ...

The last time I saw you was at a friend's wedding engagement (last year) and now to bring myself to the fact that we will never see again till in heaven is ....... ( really don't know what to say)

I remember when I was in the choir and you were a coordinator to us then, how you used to bring smile to everyone's faces, how people could easily relate to you without the fear of being judged, you were a mentor to many....

I also remember my last days at HOP when you came around at one of the choir vigils and we had a chat about life, purpose...... I know you've been able to fulfill yours (thou to us the time was short but you came, you lived, loved life, loved people, fulfilled purpose and above all Love and served GOD- even in death I know you still do cos that's just who you are in your spirit.

I know it's only God that can comfort all of us most especially your family and I pray that He himself will fill all the voids and comfort all. I know your legacy will live on forever and for all of us that you've touched our lifes, in one way or another, with all those beautiful things that we will have the strength, the zeal and love to be those things to other people so that God's love can be felt through each one of us to another.

We love you dearly but we know that God loves you more and that you've entered your rest in His blossom.

Adieu my ever smiling brother. Continue to rest.

#12 Yetundee Sheetu 2013-02-15 05:17
I remembered when i first came to House of Praise,You were the first person that spoke to me as i was looking lost in the church..then you bought me sunday school manual and from that day,You were always in my life,How can I ever forget what you say to me"Woman of God,All is Well with You",I remember the last conversation we had...hmm....Gl ory be to God for the life you lived.
Continue to Rest in the bossom of the Lord,You have imprinted on the souls of our heart forever...
#11 Rytapraise Ekokotu-Odigie 2013-02-14 22:37
Lord we are grateful for the privilege of knowing your servant. Still can't believe we said farewel 2 you today....lord is so hard and it hurt but we give you all the glory for you know all things.

Working with you during the total woman conference has been great privilege. Some jokes you were just to keep us working each we start behind.

Each time you see me or my my husband you will always say "woman of God (man of God) am I worthy to shake your hands. I am privilege to know you, my God".

The last words he said to us was words of congratulations and prayed for the gift of life God has given us. Deacon Aluko, you will greatly be missed. Your love, words of encouragement, jokes, smiles, prayers we will always cherish. It is well, till will meet again to part no more.

Rita Odigie and family
#10 Ayoola-Rose 2013-02-14 16:24
This man was such a blessing. A man who demonstrated true Christian love.
When I joined the church he always went out of his way to say hello. He would stop what he was doing to say hi and offer a word of encouragement.
He had the nicest smile and the biggest heart.
He was so simple and yet so full of zeal to please God and serve the people.
He will be missed but I take comfort that's he's made heaven.
It's funny because I confident that he has made heaven after knowing him for such a short period. But there are some Christians that you will come across and know that they are true Christian. He was one.
The life that he led has now inspired me to be better, to love more and spread the good news.
It's not about us it's about God.

Bless you my brother. You truly was a brother.
#9 Ayobami 2013-02-14 10:22
I got drawn to Olaoluwa Aluko when I joined the intercessory team in House of Praise, Charlton. I quickly found out that Olaoluwa was very passionate about prayer and telling people about the saving power in the name of Jesus Christ.

He would encourage and challenge people to be the best they could be. Olaoluwa was full of life, lovely, jovial, always paying compliments and witty - a man you could not but get drawn to. As he used to say, I say to him now - "Olaoluwa of the blessed, may you rest in peace." You are sorely missed.

.....Pat Taiwo
#8 Ayobami 2013-02-14 10:21
Where does one start to write, when writing about a man, who was indeed a true, genuine, loving, caring, devoted, committed, infectious person, who touched the lives of many, one at time!

I still remember my first couple of encounters with P Aluks, I used to think, jeezzz, this guy is too extra and I thought I was bad! His words and mannerism were too outstanding, only P Aluks could come up with words and phrases like ‘evergreen”, “Olaoluwa Aluko of blessed memory”, “ you’re looking good”, “you’re doing well, keep it up”, “what would Jesus do”, “you are backsliding”... ..I have lost count!

The one thing that really drew me to P Aluks was his appetite and heart for God and the things of God. He was that one person I would randomly call to say, “where is this in the Bible, where is that in the Bible”, and just in a flash, he would say, it’s in this place or that place.

That probably explains why he was so passionate about people, helping people, mentoring people, impacting lives one by one. How he managed to do all of this, be personal, both locally and internationally with people and still be this godly, caring, loving husband and father, and serve faithfully in Church and at work still amazes me.

An encourager, a challenger, a motivator, a unique sharp dresser with swag, a man of integrity and humility, never known to fight or quarrel with anyone, always ready to lend a hand, consistently consistent.

How you managed to pack in all these qualities into you and more still leaves me speechless! I’m still shocked but I take comfort in the fact that you’re in the loving arms of your Maker where you are cheering us all to carry on from where stopped.

It’s an honour and great privilege to have known someone like you, one in a million, one of a kind! I can say you were a true living Christian that is worthy of emulation!
Your life itself is a huge challenge to me, finally I can say what you used to say when we first met, indeed it Olaoluwa Aluko, of blessed memory....

........Ayo Soetan
#7 Ayobami 2013-02-14 10:21
You were such an amazing person who touched the lives of many. You brought happiness wherever you stepped into and your smile.... was simply mesmerizing.

From your first day in our Singles Fellowship, you had the “Exegesis” – a raw analysis or interpretation of every scripture. Evergreen as we fondly called you - A man of strength and great compassion, you were more than a wonderful friend to us but also a great mentor that brought focus and purpose into our lives.

Our generation has lost a very special treasure but we will continue to be strong and do you the honour of carrying on your legacy of undiminished joy and passion for Christ and souls.
How you managed to find the time to be a mentor to us all, individually, we still cannot fathom!

Thank you for a life well spent and shared our dearest Evergreen and Rest well in the Lord’s bosom,
My God!!! Indeed, you lived, inspired and you blew our minds.

.......Seun Omogbeja
#6 Ayobami 2013-02-14 10:20
My mentor, My teacher, My Angel, My dear friend, My co-“speak” director....... ..Where do I start from?

I’ll start from the first day I met you on the 22nd of Feb 2007 in Church. After the vigil, I was told to give someone going towards my area a lift (unknowingly to me I was going to carry my angel). Within 5 minutes of driving, God revealed my life to you......and the first thing that came out of my mouth was that "so God knows me?"

Since that day, my relationship with God has known no bounds, and our friendship made from Heaven has grown till the day you left to be with the Lord.
We never for once had an argument/quarre led, you were always showing Christ’s love.

You taught me so many things like how to appreciate people all the time, pray personally, pray for the sick, how to memorize Bible verses. You were always charging me to move to the next level spiritually. Your empathy for souls and making sure people were uplifted was amongst your greatest virtues. You were an evangelist to the core whose programme included social visits to people at their homes, hospitals and prisons. You fulfilled Matthew 25:35-40. We had our last conversation on Sunday night and you emphasized on the urgency of doing things early without wasting time, “Heaven is near” you said.

You said many things that night and I thought to myself that I would come back the next day to hear more......but God knows best.

My consolation lies in the factthat I spent quality time with you over the years, you deposited so much in me that I know by His grace my Heaven is sure and we will see again in Heaven to part no more. Rest in Peace my dear friend

........Denis Ofodile
#5 Ayobami 2013-02-14 10:20
If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. Some people step into your life and leave an imprint on your heart, one that never goes away. I think first of all for me, and for all who knew him, in Christian ministry particularly, he stood as an “Exhibit A” Christian and a true man of God. If one wanted to know what the true Christian life and quality were all about, one could look at Pastor Ezekiel and see it personalized and epitomized.

And I knew Pastor Aluko well, over a 6 year span of friendship in 101 different contexts.
From church contexts, Christian conferences, Career development, mentoring, and in recent years in hundreds of other social situations And I don’t think in all of those situations I never saw Pastor Aluko manifest an ungodly reaction or an unchristian attitude.

Even when you are wrong! Pastor Ezekiel Aluko would keep his grace.
Again and again, I marveled at his capacity to bring a truly Christian, biblical, Godly, forgiving and loving attitude to every situation. In fact, and I’ve thought about this in a fairly considered way, I think Pastor Ezekiel was probably the single saintliest person I have ever known. I want to say that your example as a Minister of the gospel, colleague, was totally inspirational and exemplary for me, friends, colleague and family.

Pastor Olaoluwa brought to the Scripture, even to the simplest proclamation and declaration of the Gospel, a passionate evangelist, who wanted above all to see people come to know Jesus Christ and put their faith in him as Saviour and Lord. It’s well Friend. Pastor I know you are not dead, but you are asleep in God

Farewell, My friend and Pastor, (adieu) Farewell, my M.O.G, (adieu) In sunshine or in rain- You will live forever in my memories

.......Ayo Egunjobi

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