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Luis Proschle

Luis Proschle's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography


My brother, Luis Ernesto Proschle was born at Kaiser Permanente, Hollywood on January 13, 1977. What a happy day that was for the whole family! We were so excited & happy with the new addition to our family…A beautiful little baby boy that our family named "Luis”. 

When Luis was only 8 years old, our 35 year old Mom died due to complications from experimental gold shot treatments she was receiving for her arthritis. Our Father left our Mom when Luis was a baby.

Shortly after our Mom died, Luis chose to go live with our Aunt-(I stayed with our live-in babysitter/guardian). I didn't want him to leave, but he had made up his mind. I immediately started missing my brother, but I respected his choice.

Unfortunately, we essentially spent most of our childhood years after our Mom’s death apart from each other.  He grew up in the El Monte/Montclair/Pomona area. 

He graduated from Montclair High, and was an excellent student. Luis loved playing football & wrestling in high school. His favorite foods included: BEER! (...is beer a food?), cocido, chicken mole, macaroni & cheese, pizza, my white rice, cornbread, and yogurt. 

Luis was a very loving, responsible and respectful person, though he definitely had a playful side. On the other hand, he was at times EXTREMELY stubborn, too!

Luis was a Marine, and an excellent, hardworking Diesel Mechanic. More importantly, he was a beloved brother and friend.  


Luis leaves countless shocked and heartbroken friends & family including his 2 nephews: River Angel (9yrs), and Sky Hunter (4 months), our (estranged) father: Hugo Proschle, his sister: Anne Marie Proschle (me), his brother in law: Glenn Mageno (like a brother),  Armando Gamont (like a Dad), Rosa Gamont-Estrada (like a Mom), Armando “Mando” Gamont III (like a brother),  Rosie Gamont Garcia (like a sister), Eric Perez (like a brother), and numerous other wonderful friends and extended family.  

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped us to deal with my brother’s death. You guys are absolutely amazing! I love you all. God Bless you!


Aside from the manner in which my brother Luis died, the important question remains: “Was he ready to meet his maker”?  Honestly, I don’t know if my brother accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior & his only hope of salvation for his eternal soul. I truly hope he did. I only know that every time I brought the subject up, he would get very angry.

I often hear about people planning for their retirement some day, or even an exotic vacation, but I rarely see many people carefully planning where they are going to spend eternity.

With all my heart, I urge everyone to seriously plan for their soul to go to heaven. Unfortunately , just being a "good person" just won't cut it.

Please allow me to share some very helpful links that clarify WHY we all desperately need Jesus in our lives, and why being a "good person" won't save you from hell at: http://www.wayofthemaster.com/interviewwithgod.shtml , and: http://www.areyouagoodperson.org/ , and: http://www.soulchoiceministries.com/17min_video_flash-ondemand.html

As far as my brother goes, please join me in praying that God will have mercy on my brother’s soul. Hopefully, he accepted Christ, and he's in heaven as we speak.


Please see the "Announcements" section for all the funeral details.


You can contact us at: littleskyhunter@gmail.com.