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#24 Pamela Jensen Stonebraker 2011-11-14 14:08
In our family, November is one of those months that holds multiple birthdays. Today was my nephew's birthday and tomorrow is my great-nephew's birthday.
"Was" and "is" pretty much says it all.
Today I choose to celebrate with gifts of precious memories! Tomorrow it will be time for making new memories! The days of your births were indeed "happy" :-)
Love, Aunt Pam xxoo
#23 Jennifer Branch 2011-11-03 23:34
V You are dearly missed. Thanks for being my friend during high school. Thank you for making our high school days more interesting and entertaining. So glad you were able to enjoy a family and wonderful friends!! I pray that you are in a peaceful and wonderful place. Looking here it is not at all shocking that you touched so many peoples hearts!! I just hope that you knew that you were sooo loved when you were here!! Rest in Peace. Our Friend. Forever.
#22 Tina Baysinger 2011-10-24 03:11
I met Virgil Oct,29 1999, at waffle house,we would later joke that it sounded like the beginning of a bad country song when people asked how we met. I had a 2 year old daughter which he became a wonderful friend to ,and later a great Dad.I remember when he was building a shed Makayla was out there helping any way a little girl could at 3 and a half. We later had a son ,Randall . He was so happy to have a son, and Makayla so happy to be a big sister,she sang a song about it all the way to school ,as she proudly displayed the "I'm a Big Sister ribbon.Virgil and I got a good laugh out of that.We had a lot of good times ,too many to mention. We shared 11 years together ,and although we grew apart as husband and wife ,I still cared very much about him and wished him nothing but happiness. And I was glad to see that over the last year he was happy, spending time with Randall and boy scouts,with going on rides with his friends,or just hanging out with his friends,all these thing brought him the most joy. I was very proud of all the things he was achieving. And we (Randall,Makayl a and I) are going to make him proud. He will be spoke of often and remembered everyday in everything we do. Mostly with a smile and sometimes with a tear. His stories will be passed down through generations to come,and his spirit will live on.
#21 Susan June 2011-10-23 01:17
We met young, high school sweathearts. So long ago...
Virgil introduced me to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bloom County and Love.
The path we shared was only for moments, in what became the rest of our lives.
Hearing of his passing stung my heart.
Virgil had a grandeur abt him that Im not sure he was even aware of. An amazing person with such a pure heart.
Keeping in touch thru phone or facebook in the past years was like meeting up with your long lost best friend. A true confidant with a warm voice.
On the high of angles wings he watches over us now, his friends and family.
My thoughts and deepest prayers go to all the hearts broken by his loss.
Never to be forgotten, never a comparison of.
Dearest Virgil.
#20 toni corbin 2011-10-22 08:52
i was so shocked and heartbroken to hear from mutual friends about virgil s tragic and untimely passing.i knew him back in 94 or so ,when we worked at applebees and longhorns(and me at t's winner s circle)across the street.i lost my bestfriend to a shooting and he was so kind and gentle and he filled those shoes(he had known where i was coming from).i would never had made it through that time without his love and support.he would come across the street after longhorn s closed and hang out at my bar,we would slow dance to the righteous brother s or everly bros songs,go riding in the van,share meals,attend parties,visit each others homes,play with his pug.when he got his first harley,frosty,h e took me for a ride and out to breakfast,he was in heaven and i clung to him for dear life.we drifted apart over the years and i ve always regretted losing touch,but i ve never lost my memories of him and every minute we spent together,he made me a better person for knowing him.this world will be a much sadder place now.he was a great artist,mechanic ,biker,outdoors man,cook,slow dancer and most of all friend.i m so glad he was able to be a father ,too.my deepest condolences to his son randall and step-daughter mikayla,and his parents ,sandy and virgil sr.,and sisters jill and lea,and all his friends and family.forever in my heart,toni
#19 julie 2011-10-22 05:43
Virgil was my biology partner. I always picked a boy, so I wouldn't have to do any of the yucky stuff. I had no idea what an amazing friend I had made that day...I fell instantly in love with him. When he moved away, I was devastated. We kept in touch, he visited a lot at first...then we drifted apart. Many times I meant to mail his class ring back to him, and I just couldn't. He stole my heart & forever changed me. I will always have a spot in my heart for him. Too many memories to share here, those are mine to keep.
#18 Jennifer Elfrink 2011-10-21 04:01
I worked with Virgil at Longhorn and he was such an awesome cook, fantastic human being, and dear friend. He was really a GOOD man. He will be missed. He made the world a better place. R.I.P. Virgil! Godspeed old pal, Jennifer
#17 Stacie Uzzle Stallins 2011-10-21 02:46
Unfourtunately I only had the privilidge of knowing Virgil for the last two months of his life. He and I worked side by side at the same building. We had grown close through those short two months. On the Saturday before his untimely passing, he and I had spent the majority of the day shooting our bows at the range. ( He out shot me of course!) We then spent the rest of the evening doing something Virgil and I both enjoy, deer hunting. we had a great time to say the least. Although I only knew him a short time, ( my loss) there was no doubt that he was one of a kind. I will greatly miss the friendship that we had built.
May God bless his family!

Virgil Kempenaar....Father.....Co-worker...Friend!

Jason Stallins
Brandy McElroy
#16 Brandy McElroy 2011-10-20 23:08
I can remember trick or treating with our kids one year and the kids giggling as they went door to door. Virgil was standing on the street wrangling the dog while the kids knocked on the door. I have some special memories of our kids playing together in the neighborhood while we sat on our porches chatting and telling stories. Virgil was a loving father to his children and I was always impressed with the ease in which he guided them. I have no doubt that Virgil will continue to guide Randall as he grows up to be a man one day.
#15 Pamela Jensen Stonebraker 2011-10-20 16:06
Once upon a time, my sister Sandy gave birth to three wonderful children, Jill, Virgil and Lea. Their births forever changed me. I became "Auntie Pam." Loving on those 3 kids over the years has been a great source of joy for me. Today, however, my joy has changed to sorrow. Sorrow because my precious nephew, Virgil, has passed away unexpectedly and I just can't get my head or heart around this tragic reality yet. Being thoughtful and tenderhearted was not foreign to my nephew. Neither was being witty and creative. He was a true "gentle" man. From now on, this world will be missing something it didn't even know it was needing. . .my sweet nephew, Virgil Randall Kempenaar II

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