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Vedna Girten's Online Memorial Photo

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#3 Beverly Girten 2013-05-12 13:31
On this Mother's Day 2013 we lovingly remember Vedna Girten. Another website was started today as a tribute to her. This website is the start of a one year project so that a more detailed record of her life can be created before the 20th anniversary of her death. This site will allow videos and scans to be uploaded. Please visit and add input if you have some. This new site is:
#2 Beverly Girten 2011-06-25 02:53
This memorial website and poem below is dedicated to the loving memory of Vedna Elaine Lemley Girten.


Vedna Elaine Lemley Girten
She's our true hero, of that we are certain

She gave all throughout her life
Decreasing many others strife

She was daughter, sister, wife and mother
In these arenas she was like no other

As an officer in the Army, she was proud and brave
We still think often of the many lives she worked to save

Later, after two decades of raising her family
She returned to nursing where she was needed badly

As an RN her actions and deeds were priceless
Her care and concern were considered timeless

Her patients were always grateful
And her family forever thankful

For her selfless dedication
And her constant compassion

Eighty years after her birth
We continue to think about her worth

And just as her actions and words were maternal
Our respect and love for her will be forever more eternal
#1 Beverly Girten 2010-12-12 16:44
Vedna Elaine Lemley Girten was born 90 years ago today. She is deeply missed by her family and friends and we are creating this memorial website in her memory so honor all of her accomplishments and contributions. She will remain in our hearts forever.

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