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#2 Johns Waygood 2011-12-20 21:37
We will all miss you Rodney.
#1 John Alexander Berry 2011-12-20 20:18
Farewell my brother - you will be greatly missed.

You came into this world in January, 1942 during a time of great international turmoil.

To the north of our beloved homeland (Australia), the Japanese were pushing south into the Philippines, Malaya, Burma,Rabaul, Borneo, and the Dutch East Indies.

In North Africa, the German Afrika Korps were locked in battle with British and Commonwealth forces, while in the North Atlantic, U Boats were sinking massive tons of shipping, with the intention of isolating Britain.

Meanwhile, the Luftwaffe had not yet completed its night time bombing raids on England, and in the Soviet Union, the siege of Leningrad continued unabated.

That period was indeed a time of global turmoil and suffering, but you were not aware of it at the time.
I will never forget the good (and the bad) times we shared whilst living with our parents at 34 Merehaye Street, Wooloowin (Brisbane) in the 1950's and 1960's.

I clearly remember the Saturday afternoon in 1963 when you appeared in the doorway of my bedroom and announced that you had just heard on your transistor radio that the American President, John F. Kennedy, had been assassinated in Dallas, and without further ado, you made your way to a chair on the front verandah and proceeded to read the Saturday edition of The Courier Mail, which had been delivered earlier that day.

Farewell my brother, and thank you for the assistance you rendered me during your time on this earth. I won't be able to visit your grave, as your cremated ashes were "scattered to the wind" in an area not far from where you resided in Warwick, but you will remain in my thoughts as long as I live.

Your brother, John Berry.

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