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Robert Tafoya

Uncle Robert
Robert Tafoya's Online Memorial Photo

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Create Online Memorial Photo Albums
Create Online Memorial Photo Albums

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#2 Ramona Tafoya 2013-03-20 11:21
I've been thinking since the passing of Robert. He was a very good man, great brother-in-law, friend, very great and caring uncle. His attitude was I'm here now, love me be with me to the fullest. Very over joyed to see you and give you one of those hugs that like to never let go! I wish We all had more time with him. Like his father (Rudy), I will truly miss them both..But I will never forget their kindness, and who they were,,for to do that they will for sure be dead. They will live on in my heart always.
#1 Paul Tafoya 2013-03-11 16:06
If you have any problems posting pictures, please send them to my email jay23outus@yahoo.com and a description if you like.

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