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Carl Gove
#5 Carl Gove 2014-01-23 09:25
When I was a young man and separated from my wife, I went to a small town on the southeast coast of Alaska where I gave my life to the Lord. I attended a small inter-denominat ional homegoup where I was given a copy of "Prison to Praise". Early on a Saturday morning, after reading the chapter about being filed with the Holy Spirit and that it would "magnify Jesus in my life", I immediately went to the Baptist church I was attending and asked the Lord to fill me with His Spirit. I was baptized, spoke in tongues and ended up on a small beach near the church. I ran down that beach singing with all my might a song ("I Love to Tell the Story") I had learned as a young boy growing up in a Methodist church. I was running and leaping and praising God. My life was changed forever on that day and that one line in the book, "the Baptism in the Holy Spirit will magnify Jesus in your life" I will never forget. Thank you Merlin for writing it.

My wife and I were subsequently divorced but a year and a half later she was saved and we were remarried in 1975. Today we have four children serving Jesus and eight grandchildren. "I love to tell the story.......... .of Jesus and His love".
Pia Eva Crosby
#4 Pia Eva Crosby 2014-01-22 10:55
Merlin Carothers' books have had a profound impact on my faith in God's ever-providing love for us, His children.
May Merlin rest in peace.
Antionette Taljaard
#3 Antionette Taljaard 2014-01-22 02:03
Merlin and his books had a profound influence on our lives! We had the privilege to meet him in person in 2000. I discovered his books about 1996 in South Africa. God used Merlin to explain His truths through Merlin and that opened a different life to us. When my son said "Praise the Lord" after all our belongings were lost on the long trip from South Africa to Miami, I knew that even the children understands the message. It turned out to be one of the best trips! We discovered the wonderful ways of trusting God. Merlin always encouraged us in subsequent correspondence, and we thank God, for the absolute wonderful and blessed books. We could hardly wait for each one. I am sure that he will be so happy in heaven, and although we will miss him, the books are there to encourage us. Antionette, Georgia, USA
Sylvia Boyd
#2 Sylvia Boyd 2013-12-10 02:19
Merlin Carothers blessed me many times over last 38 yrs. with his
wonderful books and teachings. He and Mary were instrumental
in my spiritual encouragement and growth. Miss his uplifting

Sylvia Boyd, December 10, 2013
Valerie Johnson
#1 Valerie Johnson 2013-12-04 15:30
Merlin Carothers was an inspiration to me and his praise books have been a tremendous blessing to so many. My sympathy is extended to his family as I know he is deeply missed.

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