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Kirk Roeser's Online Memorial Photo

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#1 Charles Martell 2012-08-13 04:06
Dear Paige,

I just learned (8/13/12) from Kenmore Commoss of Marblehead, MA that your father passed away. I was
a Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity brother and we were
in the same pledge class, I believe.

He was a fine brother. While I was working in Manhattan
in the mid 1960s we ran across one another frequently at
parties. I left there in 1968 for Colorado and never returned except for two or three visits. I knew him while he was working for MONY and studying for his actuarial tests. They were very rigorous according to everything he said. The Deke house at Brown was quite wild and there are many great stories around. Some of them are not suitable for a wall but are interesting nonetheless.

Kirk was always kind and fun loving and intelligent but without its affectations.

I send my deepest condolences.

Charles Martell

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