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Kanaka Adhav's Online Memorial Photo

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Pradeep Divgikar
#3 Rest In Peace dear Kanaka.Pradeep Divgikar 2015-09-28 06:25
I now understand exactly what 'Double Whammy' means. Two massive blows within a gap of less than six months have shattered my confidence like never before. I bore the passing away of my mother Renuka (aged 53) in 1979 and brother Sandeep (aged 51) in 2001 with remarkable stoic and on both occasions bounced back to leading a normal life pretty quickly. However, losing two sisters (Rekha in March and Kanaka on 20th September) within such a short span has certainly shaken me completely. I just hope the Almighty blesses me with the fortitude to overcome this double loss ASAP. Just as the family including Kanaka was coming to terms with Rekha's demise, the news of Kanaka's tragic end has dealt a body blow.

Our beloved Kanaka was laid to rest at the Christian Cemetery, Hadapsar, Pune yesterday after a short prayer/service at her residence, funeral service at the Pentecostal Mission Church in Ghorpadi followed by the burial service at the cemetery. The prayers and service at the residence was led by the Pastor at Vinayak's church. This was followed by the Funeral service at the TPM Church where hymns in Hindi, Marathi and English were sung and the Pastor of the church conducted the proceedings. Vinayak spoke with remarkable calm while paying tribute to Kanaka and quoted verses/psalms from the Bible which put in perspective Kanaka's life and how she would now find comfort in the arms of the Lord. Sonal remembered her beloved mother Kanaka with fondness and echoed Vinayak's sentiments that Kanaka will find boundless peace in her new resting place in the kingdom of the lord. My nephew Siddharth ( Alka's son) who flew in from Houston to share the grief with the family was at his eloquent best while highlighting the various qualities that Kanaka possessed and the love and kindness she showered upon him in his growing years. His eulogy along with those of Vinayak and Sonal brought to the fore the legendary generosity of heart allied to the caring, genuine warmth, feisty, no nonsense, fiercely protective qualities that Kanaka possessed. I endorsed the sentiments expressed by them especially her care giving, generosity and desire to feed each and every person who came in touch with her. I dedicated a hymn which I love singing and which she invariably encouraged me to sing whenever I visited her home first in Mumbai and later in Pune ' One day at a Time Sweet Jesus'. The burial service saw a host of friends and believers from her church paying rich tributes to her having been recipients of her warmth, care, love and generosity. They all extolled her commitment and positive influence in all church activities.
After the burial, friends and relatives once again gathered at the residence celebrating and reminiscing Kanaka's life and times and how she had lit up their lives with the radiance she exuded. Her talent as a mimic was recalled with much joy. Everyone was unanimous that her heart was invariably overflowing with the milk of human kindness.
Born in a progressive modern saraswat brahmin family, Kanaka embraced Christianity on marrying Vinayak. She became a believer who epitomised the tenets and faith of Christianity and the verses from the holy Bible were paramount to her being and existence. She kept evolving spiritually and her commitment to her church was remarkable. It was sad to see a zestful person like her battling acute depression during the past year which took a toll on her physically too.
Kanaka was my crutch. I shared an unique emotional bond with her. She was closest to me amongst the siblings. A visit to Pune was never completed without enjoying her unbridled love and hospitality at her home. She only prayed and hoped the best for me and my family. Karan was extremely close to her as well.
The outpouring of grief and the overwhelming love and support showered by the residents of Siciliaa (where they lived) bore testimony to her immense popularity.

On behalf of Vinayak, Sonal and the family, I take this opportunity to thank all of Kanaka's neighbours, church friends, friends, relatives and acquaintances who provided us with immense support, comfort and care in this very difficult moment in our lives. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming kindness showered upon us in this moment of grief.

Pradeep Divgikar (Brother)
Namrata Manjeshwar
#2 It's not goodbyeNamrata Manjeshwar 2015-09-26 11:54
Although you've left for heavenly abode but that's just your body. You will always live in our hearts. Every time I see Sonal I see you . You've left us a beautiful reminder in her.
I regret not telling you how much I love you .I'm sure you knew that in your heart. You've blessed us by being in our lives.
Love you and miss you Kankapachi

Namrata, Rohit and Lakshya
Sonal Adhav
#1 From the NayampallysSonal Adhav 2015-09-26 10:44
Death is a natural phenomenon of life. We pass this side of the earth only but once but what is important is the impression we leave behind on the sands of time and in the mind's of our beloved ones. Hence this tribute.

One of the most difficult events in Life is to find words for the demise of somebody dear who dies very suddenly & close to your heart. On 20th September 2015 we lost our loved cousin Kanaka Vinayak Adhav who was more like a elder sister. We cousins were all brought up together .

Kanaka was a very heart warming epitome of love,affection .and kindness. She always made it a point to connect with humanity,lead a simple life doing for charity with no returns.

Posting on FB treasured pictures of Kanaka with our dear son Vishal who she never ever missed a chance to make his day very very meaningful & beautiful. She always gave Vishal that extra attention,time, & energy to connect & shared a special bond with him.

Kanaka very often called our son Vishal at Home from Pune & used to have conversations with him even though Vishal could not communicate. These conversations engaged Vishal completely & always looked forward for her calls as we noticed he loved it & had a sparkle in his eyes each time he listened to her attentively.

I can still feel her soft touch on my shoulder of her loving hand around me trying to comfort me when she visited our place this June when Vishal was very very unwell.

Kanaka your memories will always keep flowing and will live on through.

RIP Kanaka
Vishal,Reshma & Ashok & Family.

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