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Jason Benjamin Jowers Sr.'s Online Memorial Photo

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Renee Goldfarb Canup
#1 RE: jasonbenjaminjo werssrRenee Goldfarb Canup 2021-01-19 06:01
Idk what to say. We talked about the day we'd lose you. But I guess we never expected it to happen. I learned so much just from knowing you. You were my strength when I had none. You taught me how to love myself, and how to be strong enough to walk away from situations that were not good for me. Not only did you teach me that, you stood by me while I wandered through life trying to figure out who I was again. From the first time I met you (coffee at IHOP, which became our thing) I knew you were going to be my best friend. My person. I was blessed to have had that bond with you. You will FOREVER be with me. You've left such a unique imprint on my heart. Live the life that you weren't able to here on earth. Be healthy. Be pain free. Be happy. We will be sad and we will cry. But we will also rejoice in knowing you can live an eternal pain free life in heaven. I love you banana!

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