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Clarita  Wooldridge
#13 Clarita Wooldridge 2013-05-11 06:01
So many good times:

How many times Pam, did we act on Gil's suggestion for a dinner restaurant and report back what a great find we made with his help. He always enjoyed hearing about how we rated the restaurant and the good time we had on our dinners out.
How many times..did I hear his comments on what was happening in the world..always on target and with his strong convictions and values..

How many times did you tell me Gil had a question he wanted to run by me...because of his trust in my nursing background and how touched I always was over the years by his respect, inner wisdom, and pro active actions as he added to his knowing more information and advice which he acted upon.

How many times..did he wave goodbye choosing to stay home as we set off on an adventure that took us to other parts of the world..and how many times did he listen to our adventure stories and happenings when we returned..

How many times did we talk about the grandaughters he so loves, Mia and Elle, and the latest in their activities and interests..and Pam, Scott, Maria, Lee and Lyn, very real parts of his life and loves.

How many times Pam did you and Gil and I laugh at some antics playing out in the world that touched on the ridiculous..

How many times did you tell me you and Gil were off to the game at CAL..

How many times do I smile and chuckle when I pass by the "Sam moo raui" I so treasure that Gil gave each of us as a gift..an icon of his wonderful sense of play and humor and fun..everytime I see it, I am touched again by this gift and Gil.

How many times did I see Gil engaged and living fully and in the process how many lives did he touch with his wonderful sense of humor, sense of self, willingness to engage the medical care delivery system again and again as a gentleman, a consumer,a courageous participant, and someone who cared about himself, his health, his family, and the care team.

How many times do I smile when I think of Gil, this great man, big in stature, heart, spirit, humor, and caring.

Everytime we remember, smile in thinking of Gil, send a loving thought his way, he is with us in heart, and in memory, continuing to touch our lives in joyful ways that enrich our day..

My love for you Pam, and for all the family as you celebrate Gil's life and love for so many, his fine humor and mind, and his touch in all of our lives for we have been given such a gift in knowing Gil.

Blessings and love,
David Devincenzi
#12 David Devincenzi 2013-05-07 13:38
Dear Pam & family, I was deeply sorrowed to learn of Gill's passing. I always looked forward to serving Gill his meatball sandwich and enjoy his unique sense of humor and talk about life, we had so many similar outlooks on life & politics. I will miss him sincerely. He brought so much joy to our day when he came in for lunch and will be very much missed by me and the rest of the Genova Delicatessen family.
David Devincenzi
Thomas Mongle
#11 Thomas Mongle 2013-05-07 06:24
It was my good fortune to know, work with, and enjoy the enduring friendship of Gil for over 35 years. Our common interests in finance, history, politics, sports, the cinema, and family life solidified one of those associations that you knew would last a lifetime.
He was certainly one of finest people to walk the earth and we all are better off from having known him. As someone recently said to me, "Tom, don't grow old; you lose all your friends." So true.
Still, we move on, and are left with only fond memories. Rest in Peace, Mr.Gil.
#10 Susan Baldwin 2013-04-29 03:18
The world just lost a little bit of awesomeness. Mr. A was always generous of time and spirit. He didn't have to coach, but he did. He didn't have to give up so many hours of his time every day, but he did. All of us who were lucky enough to have him as a coach are better people because of it. It takes a special person to positively influence so many. I will especially cherish the "seniors" book so lovingly assembled every year for the departing BOD softballers. That was something I couldn't wait for. So much thought and kindness went into those. Thank you for everything, Mr. A, your legacy and influence will endure for many years to come. Enjoy the view from up there.
#9 Dale Isaacs 2013-04-05 02:45
Dear Pam: I first became aware of Gil as we were both watching the Bishop O'Dowd varsity softball team play. This was in the late 1970s. I can't recall why I was there but Gil was there watching his daughter, Lyn, play. As time and games progressed, we became conversant about BOD and the girls' team; and, as years passed, my interest and Gil's interest in the team were compatible. In 1982, when the new coach was hired, we volunteered to assist her. For 2 years we tried to develop players and the team. In 1984, that coach resigned to pursue a master's degree; and Gil suggested that we talk with the athletic director, Jan Hagan, with the thought of taking over the program. We met with Jan; I was hired as the head coach of the BOD varsity softball team and Gil became my most able and trusted assistant coach. We had some rocky moments during our time together; however, we won 4 league championships and never finished worse than 2nd in our leagues. In 1994, Gil announced it was no longer feasible for him to pursue the assistant's position. I reluctantly bid him farewell with many thanks; and our friendship continued. The past several years Betty and I have enjoyed quarterly lunches-dinners with you and Gil, enjoying the company and conversation. I hope we can continue this friendship. Our deepest sympathy to you, Lyn, Scott, and their families. We will miss Gil. Dale and Betty Isaacs
#8 Kerry OBrien 2013-04-01 06:18
Pam, I was so sorry to hear of Gil's passing. he and Bill were such good friends. I will never forget you guys, Lyn and Scott included, coming over to help cleanout our house in Oakland after we evicted some renters. What a monumental mess! Gil was always supportive with friendship and financials during Bill's declining years in the mid-90's.THat kind of generosity is never forgotten. Peace and comfort to you all! Kerry O'Brien - Bill Wood's stepson.
#7 Julie Adams Church 2013-03-29 01:54
Dear Pam - Although I never met Gil, I have perused this wonderful site and feel his loss that you are experiencing. Knowing you, the joys of your long, beautiful life with Gil will continually surface as present bulwarks in your own ongoing journey.I know they will comfort and buoy you in times of need. I send my love and support to you at this time of such sadness and loss. - Julie
Lyn Campbell
#6 Lyn Campbell 2013-03-28 09:21
From Dan Thornton:

Gil - We will miss you. As a friend for over 70 years I can remember meeting you for the first time at John Muir grammar school when you jumped a grade and joined our class. We went through high school enjoying many adventures together and on to college. You met your wonderful wife Pam and I was honored to be invited to be in your wedding. And there were the good times we had together with our families as our children were growing up. We attended numerous sporting events together, including many at the UC stadium where we even watched "The Big Play" unfold.

You were a rare friend that was always interested in things from my point of view with whom I could have an honest open conversation and who I could count on to lend a hand if needed. You were a generous clever gift giver and a person who very seldom let anything slip by without notice.

Betsey and I are proud to be included among your many friends and your lasting friendship has been an important part of our lives.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

Toby Thornton
Lynn Jolly
#5 Lynn Jolly 2013-03-28 08:22
I spent over a decade with Gil in the WEN/LMT pit on the Pacific Stock Exchange Options Floor. We had such great times sharing the crossword puzzles and our love of CAL sports. It was great to run into him on occasion after he left the floor at the CAL football games. My condolences to the Atkinson family, especially Pam & Scott. Go Bears!
Lynn Jolly
Sara Lillevand Judd
#4 Sara Lillevand Judd 2013-03-28 05:59
I was the beneficiary of Gil's coaching at Bishop O'Dowd. His 15 years with the Dragons is a blip on the screen of his very full life but his impact on me was powerful and longstanding. I will dearly miss the yearly birthday card he always remembered to send my way for the past 25 years. Deepest sympathy to the Atkinsons,

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