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Geoffrey Fowler's Online Memorial Photo

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Jim Cox
#21 Jim Cox 2013-04-09 02:36
I was so sorry to hear of Geoff’s passing, he was a good man who was uncompromising when it came to his values and passionate in his support of his friends and colleagues. I first met Geoff in the mid 90’s during a three day marathon negotiation for a fiber optic cable build contract in Alaska. During those three days I got to experience a number of Geoff’s temperaments not all of them I enjoyed but I could certainly respect. One thing I knew for certain, the next year promised to be very interesting.
Over the next year Geoff took me and our company under his wing and introduced us to Alaska and many amazing people. Thank you again Geoff for your patient, support and friendship, as well as your lessons in business and life. Jim Cox
P.S. Geoff I know that somewhere out there you are watching and reading these comments so I do want to apologize now for the poor sentence structure and any miss spelling, it is one of your lessons that I continue to struggle with , I truly do miss your red pen.
Julie Gillett
#20 Julie Gillett 2013-04-04 14:18
We met Geoff and Carolyn shortly after they moved into our Hillsboro, Oregon neighborhood. We had never been the "neighborly" kind of people but it was the Fowlers graciousness that embraced us. It was our blessing to have shared a friendship which we will always hold in our hearts. Thank you for touching our lives and making a difference.
Vivian Melde formerly Kinnaird
#19 Vivian Melde formerly Kinnaird 2013-04-04 11:18
I worked for Geoff first when he was with Exxon in the Engineering Group after startup of the Trans Alaska Pipeliine System. After we had both left Exxon, he called me out of the blue to offer me a job as his executive secretary with Frank Moolin & Associates. Although I worked for only a couple of years with Geoff, I left to return to college full-time. This was something I had been putting off and through Geoff's encouragement, I did! As a single mom, taking myself out of the workforce was a scary prospect; however, I persevered and finished school! Geoff gave me a summer job every year and paid me more for 3 months in Barrow than I was offered for an annual salary with a college degree in Kentucky!

Working for Geoff wasn't easy. The pace back then was dizzying! What we did before personal computers was admirable--but we literally worked over night to "git 'er done." There were times when his infectious smile and dimple on the chin and his Texas terms of endearment did not amuse me -- he used to call me "sweet pea." After putting in a 20 hour day, I just wanted to go home and sleep for an entire day. Of course, I can also remember the mayonnaise sandwiches and chew in the coffee cups too! But he demanded perfection from everyone that worked for him and he had no filters for BS. We all learned a great deal from Geoff, including hard work, dedication, and taking time for family, humor, and to unhook! RIP dear Geoff! We'll miss you! Ms. Viv.
Robert  & Monika Meyer
#18 Robert & Monika Meyer 2013-04-03 14:40
Geoff only recently found me. What a wonderful and inspiring human being he was. We worked together on our family history, shared pictures, and shared stories. The best thing that Geoff shared with me was his time. By the time that I met him, his time in this plane was growing short. Yet, that never slowed him down, or got him down. He was such a delightful person, and I am glad, and feel very blessed, that we got to spend time together, and got to know each other. It is amazing to me that I could find a cousin, or should I say a cousin could find me, just because we shared a passion for family history.

Geoff was truly a brilliant man, and it was a great priveledge to have known him, and to have been related to him. I can feel him around me quite often.

The times that Carolyn, Monika, Geoff, and myself could visit, eat, laugh, and just plain be together, will always be cherished.

I know his faith has taken him to a better existence, but he will be missed fiercely by anyone whose life he touched.
#17 Joanne Derzay Garrels 2013-04-01 13:57
Dear Carolyn and family, I was sad and sorrowed to hear of your dear Geoff passing. My memories of him are of a kind and funny man who was quick witted with a joke, a smile, very polite, and loved his family. Please know you are in my prayers. I hope our paths will cross again.
Warmly with love, Joanne Garrels-Anacond a Montana
#16 Cathy Martin 2013-04-01 01:02
We will be with you and your family in thought as you say your final good bye to Geoff this week. It was so nice to be able to view the photo collection and lovely bio/tribute. Geoff was able to be a part of history and achieve much with your support and encouragement.
Many years ago, I asked Bertha Fowler what the most difficult part of raising twins was. Without much hesitation she said, "There's always one to hold the chair while the other one climbs". Geoff and Bill continued this practice all their lives.
#15 Steve 2013-03-29 05:08
Geoff was an amazing man, an amazing mentor, a true friend. I am so proud to have known him and blessed that he helped me and taught me so much. My heart goes out to you all with the knowlege that heaven is a better place now that Geoff is there. And, it is certain they will complete their heavenly projects on time and under budget! Thank you Geoff, Godspeed.
#14 traci 2013-03-28 15:59
I hope Geoff nows what a great person he is and how many people he has touched! I worked with Geoff on the WCI,Inc Nadonna Beach Cable Landing Project. I dont know that to date, I have worked with a better goup of people. We just all seemed to mesh really well! And Geoff was our glue! I remember seeing Geoff and Carolyn and how they interacted and knew that i was actually witnessing soulmates that found eachother. I have to say the knowing Geoff, Don and Vince made me know not to settle for someone who didnt respect me. I loved that about all of them...they had no problem showing their hearts to anyone. Carolyn, my heart goes out to you and I hope you know that you were the skip in his step and he loved you so much. Dave, I know I have never seen a stronger, more open relationship between a father and son..much less two that worked together. I know you have always been close to your day not just emotionally, but physically and I know you will miss every minute of that. Darryl, I'm sorry I did not know you, as I am sure you couldn't have fallen far from the Fowler tree, and I know a great tree that must be! Camey, I know you thought of Geoff as a father and we all know he cared for you the same way. He always had a soft spot for you :0). I feel for you all to have lost such a wonderful person, but hope you take pride in knowing you are all part of, and the product of such an amazing man.
I was hoping to be able to come to the service to see this wonderful diverse group of people again and be blessed to be able to celebrate knowing one of God's angels. but I cant make it. please know that my heart is with you all and I hope your hearts find peace and keep his memory alive in you hearts. I know I feel so privilaged to be part of such a wonderful experience.
Thank you Geoff, Godspeed.

Traci Roe
Scott McMullen
#13 Scott McMullen 2013-03-28 15:11
Geoff was a wonderful mentor, respected associate and valued friend. Geoff was a one of those rare individuals who wasn't afraid to break new ground, go against the grain, and make bold, decisive decisions. We learned a lot from him, and he leaves a large legacy.

Even when his health was failing, he was incredibly cheerful and the strength of his voice was unforgettable. He was matter of fact about his health issues and didn't complain about his condition.

We miss you Geoff, but we will see you later.
Camey Fowler
#12 Camey Fowler 2013-03-26 23:44
There are no words to sufficiently express how much Geoff meant to me and the impact he had on my life. Most of my greatest lessons, fondest memories, and loudest outbursts of laughter all have his name woven into them somehow.

For me, Geoff's greatest legacy is his heart. In the end it was his tired heart that failed him, but only long after relentlessly beating for others.

May your heart now rest in peace, dear friend.

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