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#11 Susie white 2013-06-21 00:32
Thinking of you today my friend :-)
#10 Jennifer Cobb 2013-06-20 16:54
I have put off writing th is for three months....All I can say at this moment....Lovie , I miss you every minute of the day. Chase and I talk to you daily and I know you hear us. I love you and you know that and I will see you soon!
#9 Pam Brown 2013-04-04 23:51
G, We sat on your back porch hours before RayRay's party and you talked me through the my tears and fears I was having about my Paw-Paw being sick and of me loosing him. Little did we know just seven days later it would be you that GOD called home. It has been your words of encouragement that keep running through my mind. Even in death you have found a way to be the strength I need, not only for the kids and I but Chase and Jennifer also.
I am so grateful that I took the time to tell you how much you had changed our lives and how much we loved you, Jenn and Chase. Because of that I have no regret only heartache.
For those of you whom did not have the pleasure of knowing Gary, let me tell you about him.
~Gary William Lowry, was one of the most amazing men GOD ever put on this earth. He was loving, caring, giving, sarcastic, with a big personality, and you always knew where you stood with him! He was RESPECTED by all that knew him and even by those who didn't. He brought a group of friends, all coming from different back grounds, and he made us all ONE BIG FAMILY!~
Gary, "thank you", thank you for the love, the laugh's, memories, and the stories, that I will forever cherish. Thank you for the trips to the Keys, and for wanting Kade to go this past Christmas, The look on your face when he was reeling in his first Sailfish was so priceless! He will never forget the lessons you taught him, the time you shared and he will always remember the RIGHT way to use the knife you gave him! :-)
It was an HONOR and an ADVENTURE to be your friend and to share your life.
I promise to always be here for Jennifer and Chase. Together we will keep your memory alive.
In Kades words, "There will never be another, Mr. Gary".
With Love, Pam
Hugh Patroni, Sr.
#8 Hugh Patroni, Sr. 2013-04-04 03:56
Gary (Snookums):

Wow! Where do I start? Through the years I have looked up to my Daddy G. He always kept me in my place. He would stop by my office all the time, walk straight in and tell Christina and Rita he was there to see his bitch. I will miss those visits. My Snookums was such an awesome man and he is my idol and always will be. Gary, I know you are in heaven looking down on us saying don't cry and go have fun but babydoll you are so missed. I would give all I have to bring you back. I miss you. So many stories to tell and memories to share. Gary was a great dad, grandfather, boss, friend, just an all around great man. I can just hope that I am half the man Daddy G. was. Gary was a tough man though. I saw him fight and I saw him mad. I knew he was happy too though when we were in the mountains riding motorcycles and this big, tough guy was buying stuffed animals for Chase. It seems when Jen and Chase came into his life he was so happy. I think life was complete for him. He loved them like no other. In closing, if you never knew my Snookums you missed meeting a one of a kind guy (GFL). Shoes that can never be filled. Still loving you Gary.


Billy Krejci
#7 Billy Krejci 2013-04-03 23:40
-Gary- also knowed to me as Mr. Sailfish, Mr. Texas Holdem, Mr. GFL, Mr. Football and my friend!

Saturday my heart was broken upon hearing the news you had left us. Memories raced thru my mind and heart that day. Gary your life was indeed special in so many ways, you touch so many others and you made all feel weclome.

I knew Gary for over 23 years and in that time one thing I always knew was that there is only one GFL. Your love for the water and fishing was your greatest pleasure. We talked for hours about your love for your family, Jennifer and Chase. We talked about fishing, boating, and work. Your courage, wittiness and your heart will be missed by all.
Somewhere over twenty years ago Gary and I started our yearly football tradition of betting. In the early days Gary was in it just for fun and just because! As the years passed, it became a highly contested battle! As computers made more information avaiable the competivness got tough! We spent countless hours thru the years on the phone during football season trying to figure out what the other one was thinking. We did whatever we could to get a edge on one another. And yes, we even lied to one another! We did this for Twenty years just to be able to be called Mr. Football for twelve months by the Loser. As this season approaches, football will never be the same without my friend Mr. FOOTBALL! My friend, take the Mr. FOOTBALL title with you until we can resume one day. I would not trade any of our memories, they will last forever and I will never forget Mr. FOOTBALL!
My prayers for the entire Lowry family, Jennifer and Chase and all who were touched by Mr. Lowry.
Gary was my friend
#6 Pat Mason 2013-04-03 12:38
I was never lucky enough to meet Mr. Gary but, based solely on what I've been told by my family member, he was the most wonderful person I've NEVER known!

My heart aches for his family (AND Jennifer!) because I cannot imagine the pain they're suffering when I feel the loss so strongly without even knowing him personally. God bless you all! ;;;;;;;;;;;
#5 Angela 2013-04-03 04:53
Where does one begin when trying to bring all of the memories to light, too many to list them all, but I am beyond grateful that I have so many. You were such an amazing man, I say that and it doesn’t even sound like enough of a word to truly describe who you really were to me. Always full of life with your witty personality. Such a blessing to those around you. It all started years ago when I had the pleasure of first being introduced to you in the midst of all of the power-boating fun. I’m so grateful to still call you a friend. You have been nothing less than wonderful to me & my kids. I loved listening to your many stories on things that have transpired in your life; somehow you made even the craziest of things sound like so much fun.
I will cherish all of the fun on the water, my many weekend getaways to Lillian, so very thankful for the meals we all shared, the laughter, the love, the celebrations, all of the times you lent your hand to help…..my list is endless. Thank you for being protective, looking out and always wanting what was best for me, I wish I would have listened a little closer. I will forever and always hold you close to my heart. I cant thank you enough for being so great to my friend Jen and loving her and Chase with all of your heart. Your love for them was greater than anyone could possibly know but it certainly exuded you. Anyone that never had the same great opportunities as the rest of us in knowing & loving you has certainly lost out on a little in this life. It’s never “good bye”, yet always just, “see you later” and what an awesome day that will be. You’ve traded one set of wings for another. Fly high, Daddy G, Fly High!
with much love and respect - Angela, Katelyn, Lil G, & Myla
#4 jamie clarke 2013-04-03 01:17
GARY- to the man who touch my life and my heart; I am honored to have known such a loving, trusting friend...You never had to doubt where Gary stood in his life...Mr "GFL" he would say to me...Gotta love him for it!!!! Gary was a profound father (Daddy G.), grandfather, businessman, best friend and he was the greatest, truest life partner to one of my best friends; Jen. Gary's smile and laughter would fill the room everytime we visited with him; a smile to never forget. Gary your legend will live on in our memories, hearts and on the seas you LOVED so much in life. You will be missed immensely by everyone you touched; I know you are smiling down upon us and we are smiling back now and forever. We love you are great friend..be free now and keep a watch over your family and friends. With Love-Jamie Clarke
#3 Mike Appleman 2013-04-02 22:17
So many things to say about a man who has done so much. Gary you lived life to it's fullest. Always full on and flat out. You have made a profound impact on my family and all the life's you touched. You will be sorely missed. Julie, make sure he stays out of trouble.
#2 Shannon Board 2013-04-02 14:46
GARY what can I say funniest personality, life of the party, most caring man, you were a great friend to me during a very hard time in my life, I will never forget your smile and laugh,,, Thank you for the great times we had running on NO BITCHN..love and miss you Shannon Parks Board

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