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Edward Woodfork's Online Memorial Photo

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#8 Keisha Woodfork 2012-05-03 13:24
Yep and daddy you would be so proud of Evelyn right now! She so did it with school, know you are all smiles! Love you!
#7 Evelyn Woodfork 2012-05-03 02:56
You keep pushing me to do better I love and miss you so much.See you later daddy
#6 Valonique Woodfork 2011-10-16 13:47
HBD Grandad...Much Love..See you later
#5 Keisha Woodfork 2011-10-16 02:42
HAPPY BIRTHDAY,DAD! I love you and miss you and you are always in my heart. R.I.P. Love your oldest daughter Keisha.
#4 Twalavette Woodfork 2011-09-23 12:25
words cant express anything i miss him
#3 Valonique Woodfork 2011-09-07 16:54
Grandad........ ......So much!..Tonight is different doee I cried more than usual,but tht is natural.I miss yu daddy sooo much only yu nd God knows.I talk 2 you often,but just thought Id drop by 2 show yu love via FB lol...Continue lookin ova me lik yu've always done since day 1..Love yu much
#2 Evelyn Woodfork 2011-09-04 18:06
I love and miss this guy so much no words can not express
#1 Keisha Woodfork 2011-03-22 12:31
A loving father, grandfather and a true soldier. A man that was truly strong in mind and in spirit. A man that served his country and his family to the fullest, we love you dad and you will live on through our hearts and our spirits. R.I.P. With Love, Your oldest daughter Keisha.

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