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Renae Stevenson
#8 Renae Stevenson 2013-09-17 02:34
Dearest Deanna - you visited me in a dream 2 nights ago! And 2 days ago, it was your b-day (or very close to)! In the dream we were comparing our outfits (hmmmm, what color skirt to wear??!!) :-) You gave me some solace in this dream - just cannot explain - very kismet. We both love fashion and color, don't we!!? I believe it was you telling me that it is okay. I cry still - it is really hard losing someone you wish you could spend more time with, so young and full of life, gregarious - someone you want to go "woo hoo" with! My boy Vinny signed your memorial - he knows my sadness. I thank you for visiting me in my dream Po Po - I got a LOVELY/thank you memorial from your mama today. Thank you, Jenny! As a mommy myself, I can only imagine her grief. For that I am so sorry to Jenny. I miss you, my girlfriend! Do a little dance up there for me, will ya? - I will do a litte one for you here too! Love and God's grace, Nae
Stephanie Curtis
#7 Stephanie Curtis 2013-06-14 02:04
Thank you for the memories, we shared throughout our lives.
Your smile was quite infectious, with that sparkle in your eyes.
You've touched the hearts of many, with the little things you did
You had such a passion for life, and so much love to give.
I admire your free spirit; always trying something new.
Poems, drums, and photography, just to name a few!
We talked a lot about Angels, and how they guide our way
And help us in our darkest moments, to get through another day.
Leaving subtle signs, to let you know they're there
You always found the comfort, in Angels….everywhere!
Now here we are today, a bittersweet good-bye
God chose you to be his Angel, our little butterfly.
Go dance above the clouds, like all Gods Angels do,
I will keep my eyes wide open, for little signs from you.
Until the time has come, for us to meet again,
I will love, honor, and cherish you, My dearest Angel friend!

In loving memory of Deanna Lynn Hartman
Jim Manzo
#6 Jim Manzo 2013-06-13 05:14
Angel' you are the sweet, you are the love, you are the woman who gave her all to us. You are forever in my heart' And the most wonderful person I could have had the pleasures with... love life and laughter... you are the light of life.

I will miss you here on earth, I will see you again. journey well and may God show the biggest hug for you as you enter the gates of Heaven'

I love you.
#5 Vincent 2013-06-13 02:33
Rest In Peace Deanna, while I did not get a chance to meet you, my mom always had such great things to say about you and you were a true friend to her at a time when she really needed someone. Thank you
#4 Taylor Michelle Siebers 2013-06-10 13:48
I miss you so much Deanna, it's going to be extremely difficult to know you are no longer here on Earth.
I am happy you are no longer in pain but oh how I miss you and my heart just hurts...
Barbara Lannen Scarafone
#3 Barbara Lannen Scarafone 2013-06-10 12:59
To my beautiful niece Banana! You will be missed by everyone that ever knew you. You lived life to the limits and enjoyed all of it. You will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in Peace. Love, Aunt Blah Blah
Kim Hobbs
#2 Kim Hobbs 2013-06-10 10:55
to my cousin Deana, i love you with all my heart. I'm happy you are no longer in pain, but you will be missed. you will see my dad and tell him i love him. love your cousin Kimi
Renae Stevenson
#1 Renae Stevenson 2013-06-10 09:39
Dear Deanna (aka Po Po / Poetry): I will miss you, Darlin. Your good heart and kindness were both profoundly recognized - especially to those of whom you found kindred, much like yourself. I always loved how you would say "You rock!" I knew you truly meant it. May you be at peace - dancing and smiling with the Good Man and Angels above!! Btw, YOU ROCK!! You fought like a true champion - your strength throughout, WOW very amazing! Rest in peace, Po Po! Love, Renae (aka Lil' Nae Nae)

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