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#17 Valerie W. Carty 2013-06-15 10:03
Honey, it's Val. You have been gone over four months now and I think of you every moment of every day. We missed our 55th anniversary together June 9th, but the cousins joined me for an anniversary dinner at Shame On The Moon and we toasted you. Remember we always wanted to try this restaurant? Well, you were there in spirit and in our hearts. Tomorrow is Father's Day. We, your family, send you our love. Miss you so very much. I'm trying to carry on as best I can, but I am so lonely. I'll love you for eternity. VWC
#16 Christina Carty Francis 2013-03-13 12:01
Thanks for sharing your comments and photos everyone and this site will be up forever-so we can always add more photos or just come back and read anytime we want!
#15 Rick Nishijima 2013-03-10 04:19
I was so saddened to hear the news of Dan's passing. Dan hired me into Clorox/Brita and was my first real Manager. I will never forget my first day at work. I was terrified, as it was my first day with a big Company and I'll never forget Dan coming to the lobby to get me with his big smile and the first words he said were "Welcome to Clorox, I look forward to working together." Dan taught me so much and I'll never forget him. What I've learned from Dan has been so valuable. Dan was also so well respected at Clorox and within the Water Filtration Industry. Dan and I both loved our Red Wine and we would pass on to each other where to get the best price for Wente Merlot!! My thoughts go out to the entire Carty family.
#14 Judy Jones 2013-03-05 03:15
Dan's passing has evoked so many memories of the past. Dale and Dan spent time together in the National Guard. At UCR they were part of the men's club, Xanadu, a unique blend of characters. We were married the same summer, 1958, and were neighbors in Canyon Crest....the UCR version. We had so many fun evenings together playing games and just enjoying each other's company. We always looked forward to the Christmas letter...so good to keep up with the growing family and their adventures. We were so happy to have you guys come all the way to Misison VIejo to cleebrate Dale's 70th birthday. Dan was most definitely one of the good guys.
#13 Christina Carty Francis 2013-02-27 02:02
Hello Dan
You have passed away, at the end of an odyssey through a string of health problems, which you were finally not able to cope with any more.
Joerg, Petra and I will never forget you as a man with deep love for Val and the family, and with an enjoyable, very special sense of humor. You will always be around Val and us in the places where we had been together.
May be, you and Inge are now together; she always had especially great fun meeting you to have a ball, for a glass of wine, for a chat with lots of laughter, or for a serious discussion of the conservative views you shared. Should you miss us in the party, like we miss you, be sure there will be a reunion.

Dieter, Petra and Joerg in Zuerich
#12 Marilyn Dietz 2013-02-25 07:15
We send our deep sympathy and love to Val and all the children,
One of our favorite memories of Dan happened in the late 60's. We both would take our families to the Pocono's skiing and stay in a hostel for $7 a night. The hostel was sponsored by a church who sent a minister to supervisor us. WEll ---We each enjoyed our wine glass or 2 prior to the minister showing up which was against the rules. The minister found all of us giggling and Val inviting him to join us for stools. Great fun and many memories.
Love and sympathy,
Marilyn and Bob
Fred Andresen
#11 Fred Andresen 2013-02-20 04:42
Carol and I send our sympathy to Val and to Dan's family.

I have very positive memories of working and traveling with Dan--both in the US and Europe, over a number of years--to help Clorox interface with developers and manufacturers of new insecticide chemistries. Can was an excellent teammate - a quick study, very pleasant in his dealings and always with the highest integrity. Dan will be missed - we need more like him.

Fred Andresen
#10 Craig Carty 2013-02-18 02:25
Dad, I have been spending much of my time recently thinking back on all the experiences and lessons learned at your side. I realized after having my own children how important it is to be able to provide these opportunities throughout life to really experience and learn new things. You and Mom have done an incredible job for all your children in providing these opportunities. We in turn, are trying to emulate this in our own families as best we can based on these vivid memories you allowed us to share. You loved to plan things out but I always sensed that you really enjoyed the spontaneity of life and how it seemed to effortlessly alter those plans. You have left a strong legacy and image our family can always lean on in tough times. It is a model for how to persevere and find the humor/good in any situation. I miss you and the wisdom of your advice; it will be a different conversation now but one I will still have with you when in need of counsel. I am so proud to be your son and carry the Carty name and all that it represents. Love Always, Craig
#9 Andrea Marschalk Funkhouser 2013-02-17 12:44
To me, Dan - and you, Val - are still 20-something and living in those apartments on the UH campus with us 50+ years ago. Remember when you and Edwards and John and I were looking at houses to rent together in Manoa Valley? Dan was such a steady influence on all of us. Was that his laid back Texan background? I'm pretty sure it would have been a real trial on the great friendship we all had if that rental had come to pass. But it didn't, and we - in our minds, at least - always thought of you guys as among the best of the friends we've made over the years. We weren't as able as Stuarts, for instance, to get together ... but it didn't seem to matter. Those times we did always felt so easy and so reminiscent of the grad school times we shared. As others have said, one surefire ongoing memory of Dan is that of his ever-present smile. I've loved that we've stayed in touch to hear about the Carty clan over the years; wish that we could have been part of that anniversary and 75th birthday celebration; and just hope that family and friends can help you fill that huge void you are feeling right now, Val. In our small, distant way, we feel a void, too. Dan was one of the genuinely good guys in our long life's story.

With love, Andy (and John)
#8 Carolyn Carty Barber 2013-02-17 08:15
My favorite memory of my dad was when I was in elementary school and I was having trouble with the SRA reading program at school. My dad knew I needed some extra motivation in order to improve my grade so he promised me that if I reached the top level, he would build me a treehouse. Well, much to his surprise, I reached the top level in record time and he was locked into building me a treehouse. Luckily for me, my dad was no ordinary treehouse builder. He took this project on like no other and began by drawing up some plans, which of course got my approval. Many supplies were needed and some took more effort than we realized, like dragging 2 25 ft. telephone poles behind a truck to our backyard. Lots of hours were spent building me a dream treehouse, definitely more hours than I spent reading, but my dad had made a promise, and he was going to keep it. That treehouse was a special place for me for many years to come and I treasure the memories I have of playing up there in the trees!! Thanks Dad!! I love You!!

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