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Brittany Segmiller

My Little Angel
Brittany Segmiller's Online Memorial Photo

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#1 Segmiller Kim 2012-12-30 20:46
Happy 25th Birthday Our Tiny Gabby :-)

My Baby Girl Brittany Gabrielle Segmiller: You will forever be in my Heart and Soul. When Mothers say you will never know how it feels to lose a Child believe me when you do it's pain like know other. Please know this is the very truth this is Pier Hell and I would never wish this on ANYONE ... My life truly has never been the same. Bless her little heart she was never given the chance too even know right from wrong. Brittany was my one and only chance of even knowing how too love such a Precious Baby. God took her from Me.. I Morn for my Baby Girl Every Min of every Day. I guess what I'm trying to say is Please Love your Baby's because we never know What Gods Plans are. My Little Girl Was taken from me, perhaps God already new what a Precious Angel she was and Is. With this said please Mama's don't ever let your Baby's go, always Love and Protect them....

I was never given the chance to see you grow into a BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY nor SEND YOU OFF TO Collage or Watch you walk down that Church isle and get Married, Nor Watch You Have Baby's of your own!!

Not too worry we will be together.. I can't wait too Hold you in my Arms and this time I won't let anyone take you from me ever. I Love You Baby Girl!!!



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