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Bill Seacat's Online Memorial Photo

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#2 Jennie Barnett Davis 2013-02-14 00:31
So sorry to hear of Bill's passing, and my condolences to family. Bill was exactly as described in his obituary, and he always had a story to tell! (True or not, you could not tell by the grin on his face if he was pulling your leg!) He was ornery as they come, though. At dinner once, he ordered me a drink (Grasshopper) and convinced me it was made of just that just to see the expression on my face, and never let me live it down after that. Like I said, ornery! He was a wonderful cook, and I have fond memories of having dinner with him and Dorothy the few times I did. Rest with the Lord, Bill, for we all will be together again someday! Jennie Barnett Davis
#1 Dave Scears 2013-02-10 01:24
bill always accepted all of us as his kids,he laughed with us not at us and wanted the best for us all.his easy going attitude is one thing i will always remember. his laughter and quick wit will be missed by all who knew him. dave scears

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