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Benjamin Sargent's Online Memorial Photo

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Carolyn McClure
#4 Carolyn McClure 2011-01-07 09:47
Hey Brother,

Just want you to know I love you and will miss you. Memories, Oh My Gosh, I have so many let me share a few beginning when you were young and going forward.

I remember first of all, how you and Sharon would fight like cats and dogs from the day you two were born. She would take something of yours and you would take something of hers and not give it back. This would go on 24/7. I also remember the scar on her nose when you hit her with a hoe, because as usual you two were fighting.

I remember how you got in trouble at school one day and had to see the principal. After the principal gave you a good talking to you said to him, "You are to big for your britches". The principal was'nt to happy about that. I also remember when your gradschool teacher took a toy away from you in class how you went up to her desk and took something of hers. She asked you to return it and you refused to give it back until she returned your toy. How it turned out I don't remember, but you propably won. :o)

I remember how you were infacuated with policemen. How you would get to know them and win them over. Next thing we knew you were riding around with them in their police cars. Boy you sure felt important in that police car and we were all jealous. You should of been a police officer you would of been good at it.

I remember how you loved the dotson dogs we had. You were very protective of them and loved them.

I remember how happy you were when you married Carol and Alice. How you always put them on a pedistal when you spoke of them.

I remember how you loved your three B's, Brian, Brad and Brandon. They were your Pride and Joy. The Boys grew up and then came Maiela, you were so happy to have a daughter. The love you had for her and the joy she brought to you.

I remember all the fun barbeques we would have at your house when we were young. Not including our trips to the river. You always love to entertain and Family and Friends were always welcomed.

Last, but not least, how you ruined my New Years Eve on Dec. 31, 2010. I will never forget that Day or Year nor will I ever forget you. I am so glad we spent time together before you left for Brazil, not knowing it would be our last time. I will always cherish those two days. Well Brother this is goodbye until we meet again....rememb er I love you Brother and I will miss you.

Love Always,

Sister Carolyn
#3 Angelia Wright 2011-01-03 15:50
Ben I have so many memories of you in just the little time that we knew eachother (5 years) you became like a second dad to me. I am so sorry for the way that it ended between us. You being mad at me and all. I really hate that we weren't really getting along in the weeks before your death. That is my fault and it is something that I am going to have to live with the rest of my life. I will miss you so much. Honestly I dont know what i would have dont without you in my life. You were there for me when even my family members didnt want to be. like i said you were like a second dad to me. You will forever be missed. Brayden Aleah and Jonathan will always miss you. thank you for being there for them. we love you forever!!!!
#2 Brandon Sargent 2011-01-03 00:58
i love you dad you will be missed and loved always this is so hard to do and know you will be going with mother

i love you

#1 shekeisha 2011-01-02 11:37
I don't have many memories to share but over the past year i did get to know you and really my most findest memory of you will be you asking me to send you taco's to brazil now i just knew it was gonna take forever for them to get there, ill say is just for your go ducks even though im a michigan state fan, ill be cheering them on when they play auburn just for you :-) Rip uncle ben,

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