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Ayse Somersan's Online Memorial Photo

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Kelly Haverkampf
#4 Mentor and PathmakerKelly Haverkampf 2017-11-16 12:26
Ron Shaffer was my first mentor even before I came to UW Extension and I considered he and Ayse to be a dynamic duo in the world of community economic development; he presented the factual, logical arguments, and she navigated the politics with finesse and strength. In a field dominated then by men, she was probably the earliest, strongest female role model I had and she gave me the confidence to follow my passion. I also loved that she was tough and unyielding when necessary. She was the first woman whom I saw treated as a full equal by the men around her, and that remains a powerful image.
Veronica Webster
#3 RE: aysesomersanVeronica Webster 2017-11-14 12:46
Please accept my condolences and know that our loving God is keenly aware of your distressing pain. His comforting word assures us that in due time, he will forever end all suffering on earth, including death, as millions have seen expressed in the faith strengthening video below:
Cathy Miller
#2 An amazing role modelCathy Miller 2017-11-11 02:51
Getting to know Ayse when I was a teenager was in many ways very eye opening for me. Intelligent, strong, career & family focused--I remember being in awe of her. She had an important job, she always looked beautiful, she never hesitated to voice her opinion, she was a great cook, and she could even sew! I think she may have been my first up close example of a woman being able to "have it all". On International Women's Day earlier this year I thought about the strong women who have influenced me-- Ayse is definitely on that list. I love the tag line "Nevertheless she persisted" & I think that's how Ayse lived her life. It's something I try to do, and it's in part because of her influence. As a teacher myself, I try to empower the girls I work with and pass on the wonderful legacy of Ayse Somersan.
Zeynep Rena Somersan Turna
#1 From Gerry Campbell on FacebookZeynep Rena Somersan Turna 2017-11-05 02:30
Alexander McCall Smith in his No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books main character is Ma Ramotswe. She always refers to her Father Obed Ramotswe with the phrase "he's late" meaning he has passed on. Smith explains in one of his books that in Botswana someone who is referred to as "late" remains a part of todays world. In Ma Ramotswe's case her father is a frequent source of guidance and wisdom through her remembrances. Ayse Somersan is late in the Botswana sense and her wisdom and love and humor will be with us forever.

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