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kathie K
#19 kathie K 2014-01-24 01:31
The memorial service we had for Andy was wonderful and just what he would have wanted. We still miss you Andy and will never forget all the great times we had with you.
Emily Walker
#18 Emily Walker 2014-01-23 11:49
Today we had a memorial service for Andy. Larry and Jerry did a flag ceremony and we placed his ashes under his favorite tree. Had one last toast to a dear friend we will all miss. RIP Andy.

All of the quartzsite gang.
#17 Robin King Lamoreaux 2014-01-15 10:35
Andy is on his final journey. His father asked if some friends would spread his ashes at his favorite spot in Quartzsite, AZ. So he's riding in the passenger seat of some friends jeep and they will set a beer next to him after the drive. We all miss our friend, they will celebrate his life and toast him in Q. Wish we could be there too.
#16 Mark Taylor 2013-02-19 19:42
Rest in peace cousin. Sorry we never got to sail together.
#15 Sharon L Hale 2013-01-25 15:24
Bob and I have fond memories of our times camping with Andy and the R.Net gang.....he was always the life of the party and we enjoyed our time with him....RIP Andy...may you look down on us all and give us fair skys and great camping weather....
#14 Joy E. Petermeyer 2013-01-11 14:53
So, it really is true, Andy has passed on. I met Andy through Jill, his 2nd and deceased wife, in 1996. I see by all these comments he was loved by a lot of people. We hadn't seen each other in about 3 years, but we did speak by phone when he was camped at Talledega in 2011.

We use to go to Sonoma every year and the NASCAR rivalry was always in full swing. Andy and our son, Brad, would cheer for Gordon, Jill for Mark Martin, Dave for Earnhardt Sr., & myself for Wallace!

Dave & I are still in shock of this news. Andy worked and lived for retirement for so many years, and to see that all that was for naught, is so, so sad. RIP, Andy. Our condolances to his Dad, and family. If someone would message me on FB with any details, we would appreciate it.

Joy E. Petermeyer
#13 Lisa Berling 2013-01-02 14:13
I am so saddened to hear of Andy's death. I met him online last year, we tried dating a few times but it just wasn't in the cards. We shared a love of music and spent many hours online and on the phone introducing each other to new music. He had an amazing sense of humor and always made me laugh, except when he was being stubborn! He was definitely one of a kind! Richard, I heard a lot about you from Andy. Janet, we talked about you too. There really wasn't anything we didn't talk about. I hope he finds the peace and tranquility he needs. Listen to one of his favorite songs and think of him. (One Eskimo--Simple Day). He always told me to listen to it when I was having a tough day. I will always think of him when I hear it. RIP, Andy.
#12 Ron Lam 2013-01-02 00:25
I have known Andy since we were both promoted to the National Weather Service office in Sacramento in May 1994. He was s great co-worker, friend, and supporter to me. What I love best Andy (some of you may know him by his given name of Angus) was his great sense of humor and the unique giggle sound that he makes when you make him laugh. I will miss the times when we would talk in the topic of sports. We were both big fans of the Sacramento Kings and the San Francisco Giants. However, in the NFL, he was a die hard Viking fan and I was a die hard Niners fan, which allows us to trash talk together when ever we worked together on shift. Andy was a perfect example of a happy go lucky guy. He has no problem to tell you when he thinks you were wrong, but he also was one of the first to apologized when he is wrong, and you can count on him for support when he thinks he can help. He was a friend to the end, which I find rare these days. Out of the numerous friends I had at work, Andy was one of very few that had kept his word and has stayed in touch after I was told by my doctors that I had a terminal illness and had to retire early. What was so surprising was that I thought that I would be knocking on heavens on heaven's door well before he would. Well Andy, I am going to really miss you my friend. When the time comes when I come knocking, you can tell me, "Ron, I beat you again. What took you so long..."
#11 Richard Ohno 2012-12-30 10:21
I forgot to say that one of my statements touched him last year and he said he wanted it on his gravestone. I said " An asshole with a kind heart". he laughed uncontrollably for ten minutes and brought it up to me constantly. We were in contact via text or phone 3-4 times a week. Going to miss you Andy! Go Giants!
#10 Richard Ohno 2012-12-30 10:14
I love you man! We have known eachother for 48 years! I was best man at his first wedding with Janet and he was in my wedding party. The positive guy he was, he told me that Cheree and I would not last 3 months. We are on year 31. He was my next door neighbor in NY and have been great friends since. I stayed with him in Nashville after I the Mob kicked me out of NY. Met great folks there! We laughed, cried and argued with each other daily! This past week has been grief for me, but many memories have surfaced. Can't tell all. Rest well!

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