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Angela Crowe

Angie or Ang
Angela Crowe's Online Memorial Photo

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#3 Crowe Mark 2012-03-07 23:59
To my baby sister "Angie" I will miss you my entire life time.I always tried to be there for you always!! Now you are always& forever in my heart.I can not even find the words to express how much I will always love and miss you!!!We had a very special bond as sister and brother........ .That I will always cherish forever.I love you Angie!!! My heart will never be the same without you!!
#2 Kay Pettet 2012-01-18 14:12
I knew Angie Crowe from a little girl , we grew up in the same neighborhood & played togeter as kids also were very close friends from childhood up to our late teens , early 20's. I have many great memories of Angie , we had so much fun growing up & going all thru school together . I can remember us riding bikes together , going skate boarding , swimming ,playing cards , shooting pool , babysitting my niece & nephew & parting & going to the suthside crusing & writing in our diary together & sharing girl secerts .We use to go walking around the neighborhood acting silly & laughing & cutting up we also would skip school sometimes or class . She always came to our child hood home anytime she wanted my family thought of her as one of us running in & out & cutting up, my older brother & our cousin had nick name her Bird which she did not mine they also cared alot about her & have many great memories of Angie also , we all did The Pettet bunch will always think of her . WE use to fight over the phone
( w) my older brothers & would sit up all night on 3 way calling (w) the boys we liked or our other teen age friends who did not live in our neighborhood . Angie use to tease (w) my older brother about his girlfriend she would pick up phone & say Jane. Jane my number one pain , she would d o that because we always fouught over the phone & she called all the time so finally my parent had 2 way calling put in & put us all on a time schedule (w) the phone those were the days before cells came out & computers,the next funniest thing was when
we use to sneak in Twin Aire Drive Inn there was an open in the fence we would go in & then climb it when we were leaving we would go sometimes from dust to day light & go around to all the the different movies & I can remember 1 time climbing over the fence & her pants got caught & tore all down the back around the butt area it was so funny we just laugheds o hard . We had so much fun together & did lots of crasy things growing up & as kids also , just so many great memories . I will always treasure our friend ship & the many memories of Angie , my only regret is I never got to talk to her in person or on the phone we played alot of phone tag & missed each others calls + lost contract I wish we could of talked or spend some time together. I am so happy I did get to go to Wishard to see her & tell her hi & I was thinking of her & said a pray for her & her family I just wish it would of been like the old days when I saw her I do think she knew I was there that God let her know I was there & willl & that I will always treasure our friendship . I will always think of you Angie girl. This was one of her songs & we would also listen to music a lot & party up stairs @ our child hood home had lots of great times growing up together & will treasure each & every memory . RIP MY FRIEND
#1 Margaret Baugh 2012-01-12 22:50
I left her live , i feel like when she my of needed me the most. I am the reason she wanted to go back to Georgia, she came there to start a new live and still have family around her. i feel i let her down , if only I would of contacted her when i came back here i just feel she may not be gone now. I loved her unconditionaly as i do her sisters and brother. I miss like she was my child, after all i met her when she was 4 and how she would go to sleep under everyone`s coats on the couch and we could not find her and then she would be there sucking on them two fingers, there was nothing sweeter than that image of her to me . May she rest in peace and see just how much she was loved. Always in my heart and my thoughts, i never wanted her to leave Georgia things just got wacked out for her there and she felt she had to go. I LOVE YOU ANGIE AND ALWAYS WILL. GOD BLESS YOU AND I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN I PROMISE.

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