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Vernon Davis's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Vernon Leonard Davis was born January 31, 1984 to Duke and Jacqueline Davis. He was a very outspoken person and always had a smile on his face. As Vernon made it into Middle School he found the love for football, his seventh grade year he began his career as a Running Back, Wide Reciever, and a Punt Return man. Vernon then made a career out of playing football, playing on all the levels including middle school, high school, college, and the National Football League. His career ended with a Super Bowl win, and that was the greatest thing that ever happened to him. He will be missed greatly by many family and friends. Vernon is survived by Shaniqua Davis(Wife), Vernon Jr.(Son), Jasmine(Daughter) Duke and Jacqueline Davis(Parents), Edna(Grandmother), Eddie(Grandfather), Janiece(Sister), Jerry(Brother), he also leaves a host of aunts, uncles, neices, and nephews.

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