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Tommy Katfiger's Online Memorial Photo

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Create Online Memorial Photo Albums
Create Online Memorial Photo Albums

Memorial Biography

Tommy was a loving cat who did not get the chance to live through his entire life span. At 4 years old (32 human years), Tommy was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. Huntington's Disease is a brain disorder that affects a person's ability to think, talk, and move. The cells in the basal ganglia are destroyed; Tommy lost more than 25% of his brain cells before he died. The basal ganglia is home to emotion, movement, and cognitive ability. Tommy inherited Huntington's Disease from his mother who had a mutated HD gene. Tommy had symptoms of poor memory, uncontrolled movements, difficulty walking, speaking, and swallowing. Eventually, most of Tommy's brain cells died off marking the physical end of Katfiger. Juice's successors are: Dominique, Cameron, Taylor B., Keaundre, Brianna, and Aminah. May your soul Rest In Peace Tommy "Juice" Katfiger.

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