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Roselyn LueElling's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

 Roselyn LueElling. This little girl had a way with words, a passion for ONE horse, a dream that didn't seem to want to end, and a best friend that lives alone in despair. 

  This story doesn't have a happy ending, though everyone wished it did. Unlike most fairytales with a prince and princess, we speak of a girl and her horse. Their eyes met, the sparks flew, all the puzzle pieces fit together. They were a perfect match.

  Roselyn and her horse Boomer loved to jump, do dressage, and just be together. They had a bond full of joy and happiness, love, friendship, endless affection, but on April 10, 2012 that all ended. 

  The day was cold and wet with a touch of fog. Roselyn never cared about the weather, she never missed a day with Boomer. She decided to ride bareback and jump small. It was hard to see from the fence, yet the moment it happened was visible to only me. Boomer has always had a bolting problem, and we haven't been able to fix it. Roselyn was taught to turn him into the fence to stop him and usually that worked. He always listened to her.

  Roselyn set up a course that took up basically the entire length of the arena with only ten feet or so until you would run into a fence. The jumps weren't to high compared to what she loved to jump which was 4'9. Boomer took the course smooth and easily once, the second time her took over a bit more. And the third time... Roselyn had absolutely NO control over him. 

  He over jumped all of the jumps to where Roselyn came off his back and slammed into him when he landed for a short amount of time. That repeated over and over, and we just watched what we could see through the fog in horror. Boomer had never done something like that. He was always so gentle to her. But this, my friend, was different.

  Boomer came over the jump before the last jump and once he hit the ground and Roselyn hasn't yet slammed into him, he leaped from where he was which we believe to have been 5 feet from the next jump. In mid air, Roselyn got her calves onto him and tried to get her grip back onto him while she was still off his back. Boomer landed easily and Roselyn got hold of him again. 

  Boomer bucked, reared and threw out whatever he had. Roselyn tried to regain control but only had the reins to help her. That wasn't enough. Boomer threw more bucks and rears, and after awhile he stopped. Roselyn got him walking toward the start of the course and thought she would just trot him over it. Once they were halfway there, Boomer threw a rear that had him standing straight into the air. Roselyn pulled back the reins as she fell backwards onto the arena floor. 

  Boomer was pulled down with her, and ended up landing onto of her.

  The impact was enough to shatter her skull, break her neck, and we believe from all the slamming into him, a broken hip. Our rush to help her was useless. Her pulse was absolutely gone, but the one thing on her face astonished the most. She was actually smiling. 

  We believe Boomer was spooked from all the fog and possibly couldn't see well. We don't blame Boomer for this, nor do we blame Roselyn for wanting to ride in the fog and rain. We don't blame God either. He wanted our angel, and at least he left us her smile. Roselyn is watching us from above, and loves her horse even after what he did. But, once again, it wasn't their fault.

  Roselyn Katniss LueElling is our babygirl and we love her to pieces. We hope that her story inspires you to live your life like you dreamed, and just be happy all together :)

  In loving memory of the daughter of Janette and David, step sister of Ashley, Micah, Colin, Sarah, Marcia, sister of Michael, Ben, friend of Micayla, Dani, Petey, Paisley and countless others. This little girl had the power to change the world.. but never had the chance