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Rayvon Carroll-Sr's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography


Rayvon Geroy Carroll Sr was born on August 26, 1979 in Harvey, Illinois at Ingalls Hospital, to the late Sherri and Alex Carroll.

He attended and completed his education at Dwight D Eisenhower High School.

Upon completion of high school he chose for his beautiful bride, Miss. Shundra Hale. They got united and from their union was born two children. Their first born, Rayvon Carroll Jr who was Rayvon's (dad) everything, he called him "My Baby". After Rayvon Jr followed Iyesha Carroll

Rayvon Sr was a hard worker who diligently provided for his family. In a day that men abandon their families he was "Dedicated, Determined and Dependable to his".

On October 26 Shundra passed away. Rayvon (Jr) and Iyesha continued living with their father. Rayvon (Sr) hard a hard time dealing with the death of his wife.

On April 16 Rayvon met a young lady named Marva Carmichal. They began to become a couple. Two years later into their relationship they had daughter, Rashenae Carroll.

Two years after Rashenae was born Rayvon and Marva splitted apart from from their relationship. Rashenae stayed with her mother.

On May 19, 2012 Rayvon took his last step to the Haeven and went home with the Lord.

"No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper"

Isaiah 54:17