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preston branche's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Preston lee branche was a 33 year old black man who died he was youbg full of energy and he was a good man besides the mistakes hes made which we all have he was the herat of his three kids sharece branche kourtney branche and shanice branche which were two twins and a son all from mcconnellsburgh pa a mother wanita branche father clifford branche and two grandmothers verna petty john and alice branche a brothe weldon branche he was employed at the log house coffee as the same as bothbhis parents he is very well missed by his kids his parents his brother and his babies mom julie powell the mother of all three of his kids he will allways be missed his burrel was october/2/2004 he is burried union cemetery south of mcconnellsburgh pa he may not have a toom stone still but its allways nice to be able to have a visit.from his loved ones to our father preston lee branche we love and miss you so much from your kids