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Theresa Smith's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

Theresa was born in 1965 in Savannah Ga. She had one sister, Glenda. She also had many half brothers and sisters from her parents previous marriages. Many neices and nephews, and 2 grand kids at the time of her death. Shaylee, and Tristin Todd. She had 3 children Timmy, Joseph, and Shannon. Timmy went to be with the lord at the age of 15. Theresa was devastated over the loss of her sweet son, and never fully overcame the grief of losing him, understandably.  At the time of her death she was living in Ridge-land S.C. and working a Denny's restaurant. Everyone who knew her, loved her, she made friends easily, and loved deeply. She passed away on August 7th, 2012. We miss her dearly. I invite you to share any stories, memories, or thoughts you may have about her. Thanks for visiting this memorial site, a place to come together and, remember my sister, a person we all miss dearly.

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