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Hello and Welcome to Remembered.com,

Remembered.com is an online memorial website for people to share the lives and memories of their loved ones. Our goal is to make a social and friendly site that everyone can share freely.

We thought a lot about people's lives and how a person would like themselves to be remembered in an online memorial website. Obviously pictures and comments from friends and family can say a lot more about person than a simple gravestone can.  We balance many sensitive issues such as privacy, religion, security, and how best to care for a legacy going forward.

Our mission is to create a lasting memorial to the departed using rich media content and contributions from loved ones and friends. To replace the traditional headstone with a more fulfilling and meaningful look at a person’s lifetime. We've put a lot into this and we hope you'll enjoy using Remembered.com. Thank you for allowing us to preserve the legacies of those you love for others to share...

The Staff of Remembered.com