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MIKE CURRENT's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

For starters I want to say Mike you will forever be missed. Those of us that were blessed to know you will always remember your huge kind and giving heart. There wasn't a person you would let go without if you knew they were in need. You had a way of making a person smile when they felt there was nothing to smile about. When I needed a hug just to make things better you were there with your big teddy bear arms to envelop me and make it all feel better. You always had just the right kind and caring words to say. I will remember times we cryed together, and laughed silly together. I will always treasure my gifts you gave me. Thank you so much for being you and allowing me to know you. I will forever continue to tell only kind things of you, and miss you. And I will always enjoy my BBq I got from you, and remember the friend that gave it to me. You will always be loved.

Debbi Pearce