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Matthew Colden's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

matthew was a family man,he was lvoed by all his freinds and family.anyone who met him was glad tehy met him.he passed in hsi lovers arms,we were together for 27yrs.he made very impack on people he met. he alwasy made u smile and u never left our home wth a eptmy stocmach.matthew loved his baby pooodle zacghary michaels and hjsi hsuband steve very much he did everthing to see they were happy.matthew had agreat family they sup[port hsi lifestyle and was very impart of our lives. maqtthew was a long trem ssurvior of aids,he went very peacfully. leaving behind hsi lvpoer steve and baby  zachary.matthew  would never let aids overtake his life.matthew is missed very much.