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Marilyn Cutright

Midge Nana
Marilyn Cutright's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Marilyn was born and raised in West Virginia, Born of Cherokee decent, on her Mother`s  and Father`s side of the family, She was born at home along the onongahela river in Pickett's Fort area, the foundation of the old homestead is still left but the home is now gone, she often spoke many stories of her great grandmother, and spending a lot of her time with her, her grandmother and great grandmother took her on long walks and showed where they were raised up at along the area which extended clear into the Catawba area. Both grandmother`s of Marilyn were raised in Indian tradition, many of these stories are being passed in writing on down through to Marilyn`s great Grand children.

Marilyn spent most of her teenage years in Sugar-lane .W.va, just on the outskirts of Rivesville W.VA. Her Father was a coal miner from Grant Town, W.VA & Marilyn`s Mother was a homemaker and raised 2 children Marilyn & Perry Menefee, Marilyn Married young to Stanley Sawitski, and had a son Alan Gale Sawitski born in Fairmont, W.VA, later to divorce Stanley, and to remarry a man from San Antonio TX. named Ronald Dunning, having a daughter named Debra Ann Dunning she remained married for 20 years, then to divorce Ronald, Returning back to Fairmont and began to found Cutright`s Care home in the 80`s, she remarried again to Ralph William Cutright, several years later she became widowed, she continued to work her care home and retired in the year of late 2006, she enjoyed her home and the wild bird`s and animals, like the deer and rabbits, she left food out daily to feed her animals, she enjoyed nature and the simple things in life,she was so found of her home and the state of West Virginia, she was so happy as a child she shared many childhood memories with her family, she often laughed while telling us her stories, she was a happy and sweet lady. and to have never know her is to really missed out on a wonderful person with a good heart.