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Manuel  Ochoa's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Manuel J. Ochoa, 66, passed away on Sunday, July 26th. He was at his home, with his family at his side. Manuel was born in 1948 to Manuel J. (Sr) and Lily (Calvaruso) Ochoa in San Gabriel California. Manuel attended the University of Santa Barbara at California and married his college sweetheart Gail (Chandler) Ochoa, of Arcadia California. The couple began their family, and spent several years in their native state (California) before relocating to Centerville, Massachusetts in 1985. From an early age, Manuel was a strong leader and independent thinker who marched to the beat of his own drum. He was the type of man who was filled with fascinating stories, that were often marked with purposeful and humorous embellishment. He loved to talk with people about all types of topics, and had a unique ability to get you to see things in a way you'd never considered before. Manuel was funny and sincere, and naturally made everyone he talked to feel like the most important person in the room. It didn’t matter who you were, or what you did, he always had time for you - and he almost always left you feeling better than you did before your encounter with him. A long time entrepreneur, Manuel owned several businesses throughout his life, including a record store, an antique store and two golf stores in both Massachusetts and California. Aside from his family, which was always his number one priority, he was passionate about golf, music, antiques and traveling the United States. Manuel leaves behind his wife Gail Ochoa of 42 years, their two children Demian Ochoa and Hilary (Ochoa) Hartman, his brother Steven Ochoa and a nephew Aaron Ochoa. His family is deeply saddened by this sudden loss. They will continue to carry his legacy and spirit into the world. He touched many lives and will be remembered forever.