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Makhanlal Kanna's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

I am only creating this page for my loved late father Karam Yogi Sh.Makhan Lal Kanna.My father was born in year 1941 at his earl age he lost his father,he was fed up by his mother (Sati Daymali Janki Devi).My father was blessed with siprituality by his birth.He always remain in worshiping God.He loves God and his all creations.He always worshiped Lord Shanker and Lord Narayan.My father has built a puja room in our house where he starts worshing God from early in the morning from 4:00 am.

My Mother (Phoola Devi) was not agree with my father due to high temper of my father.My father never complainted for any desease and I have never seen him taking any kind of medicine but my father was a highly tempered person,

My father always shares his sorrows and happiness with me,he trusts a lot on me.

My father was on his way to Jagti with my brother (deepu) in our own car to see one relative and my little baby Janu was also with them.On the way my father eats some fruit and he feels a pain at chest but my brother has to return the vehicle to some doctor,but he did not he takes away the father at jagti and his ondition becomes more cretical.

Brother called me I rushed to Jagti and we take our father to Dr.R.L Choudhary but he asked to take him at Medical College Jammu where doctors admit him and give huge doses of medicines to my father and was shifted to CCU when we are going towards CCU my father asked me that he is ok and he wants to return home and we will consult private doctor but my brother refused and we shifted him CCU where his condition was ok but on Monday my father receives a paralysis attack and he goes to coma.

Doctors give him ventolator and my loving father was on ventilator for three days and in the night of friday at 1:00 am pulse rate goes to zero and my fathers departs for heaven.

I am blaming myself when my father receives a attck of paralysis I asked him what God is giving to you after these words ondition of my father worsens.From that day I am not feeling well bcz I am blaming myself for the death of my father