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Levinne Badgerow's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

My Mom grew was born in Creston, Iowa in 1933.  She was the twin sister to Lavonne. Their Maiden name was Hazen.  She was one of 9.  Three boys and six girls.  They grew up on a farm.  It was up hill going to school and up hill coming home at least that is how the stories went.  lol  When both twins got married they moved from Iowa.  My Mom to California and her sister to West Virginia and then onto Florida.  My Mother was the lady who saw everything through rose colored glasses.  She always tried to look at the brigher and happier side.  

I am not sure how my Mom did all that she did in the same 24 hours that I can't manage to finish anything in.  She was a homemaker, she worked, she also worked on the playground of my school, was my brownie troop leader, was the PTA President, and even my pop warner cheerleading team Mom.  Just thinking about all she accomplished in one day makes me tired.  lol  Even when my Mom was in her later stages of COPD she still could do circles around most people.  She just would hop on her scooter and go.  

I remember so many funny memeories of my Mom.  She had a funny quirky side.  We were going to toliet paper the football players houses during Pop Warner Foodball.  Her and her friend Rose Lee were looking at the sky going on and on how Orange and how big the Moon was that night.  When I looked out the window I started to laugh and I said with the number 76 on it even.  LOL  

Mom was very closed to God and Jesus. Ever since I was a little girl she would tell me stories and read to me.  She never force feed me the Bible she just would talk with love.  She felt it had to be up to me to take the step but it was her job to show me the way.  

The day I lost my Mom I lost one of my best friends.  But I have the best soul in heaven whispering in God's ear for me.