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Lamont Edwards

Mack Mane
Lamont Edwards's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Lamont Edwards who was born in Charlston South Carolina on 12th December 1973 and  was murdered on 14th September 2013, 39 years of age.

He was brutally murdered by the same woman keeping him from his family. She attempted to take his life once and now she has succeeded. help us bring her to justice. Sign the petition. They ruled it natural causes due to aneurism but she hit him in the head knowing he had one. Help us.

She killed him so he wouldn't ruin her perfect life by telling the truth to her fiance about her shooting him. She took the only peice of me that I had left. She was his wife at one point and the guy she is with now is who she cheated with and had kids by, and tried to make him believe they were his. He was devoted to her and loved her and now she has taken his life. Help us make North Carolina prosecute her.