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Kristie Moore's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

My sister Kristie was born when I was 11 years old. I was so excited to a have a baby sister. She was a angel sent from heaven. As she grew up and became the person that we all knew and loved. I came to realize what a kind and caring human being that God had given us. She would do anything  for anyone. Wheather it was to help the kids she so loved at I.M.S.A. or babysit when it needed to be done. If my mom needed her she was there. Many times she worked 2 jobs. Then took care of my mom and helped with all the chores that had to be done at home. When it came to me well I must say that she never let me down. She was always there with a hug and a kiss to let me know that it was o.k. to be scared no matter what I was going through. That we could do it together no matter what the the outcome. My sister was the most kind caring loving  person that you would ever want to meet. She touched so many people in her short life. I know that God put her here to let everyone know that there are still Good People in this World. When she got sick I promised God I would not leave her side. I was there for everything. Because you see that was my baby sister. I needed to do this for her. To let her know how much I cared. I love her and miss her everyday of my life. But I know that she is in Heaven smiling now doing good things once again.