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Kristan Phillips's Online Memorial Photo

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Create Online Memorial Photo Albums
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Memorial Biography

Please visit Visit: http://kristan-bowers-phillips.forevermissed.com/


Kristan Bowers Phillips born in Pittsburgh, PA is the son of the late Elmer Lyle Phillips and Katherine Bowers Phillips.   Surviving relatives are his sister Pamela Phillips McLure and husband Dr. Mike Colvin and her children Gabriel Caleb McLure and Samuel Jacob McLure and family- Mary Beth, wife and children  Robi McLure and Andrew Glen McLure.


Kristan grew up with his family in Leechburg, PA.   His interests were camping, fishing, hiking, boy scouts and electric choo-choo trains. 

The family spend all holidays and vacations together and traveled often from PA to FL on long vacations.

Kristan began to play the drums in junior high school and began taking private lessons at Carnegie Mellon University when he was in the 10th grade.  Kristan played gigs in jazz bands and taught private lessons.  Opon acceptance to the music school at Carnegie Mellon University he contined to play and teach.  

The family would load up their car and take friends and realtives to hear and see him perform at Carnegie Mellon Univesity Symphonic Music Hall. ALmost every weekend he played Friday night, and Saturday night in a jazz band and then a symphonic orchestra concert on Sunday night.

Kristan graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA in 1973.  He was offered a scholarship to and graduated from Julliard School of Music, New York City, NY  1976.  Kristan complete 8 years of professional academic education, with degrees in Mastors oPerformance and Mastors of Education.