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Kerry Yendall's Online Memorial Photo

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Kerry or Kez as she was liked to have been known by, was born on Boxing Day, all our family was out celebrating xmas and would of been going back to my Nans for a traditional boxing day dinner, however on the news that Brenda had given birth, Nan decided to get "pissed" and never thought anything else about our dinner!!! My cousin Hayley and I just got on with it and served up the best we could do, we were only kids ourselves! dessert was peaches and cream as we knew how to use the tin opener!

Kez was the baby of our family..we all looked after her, she loved animals and had several as I can remember as a child.

I always thought she missed out having her birthday on Boxing Day however in our older years we always used to remind her how traumatised we were to have to sort the dinner out when she was born, it became a standing joke.

Kerry enjoyed lots of activities growing up and the older she got the more dangerous they became.......thus the most dangerous one being her bike which she sadly lost her life with.

Kerry really never got over the death of her father "Tony" who tragically died from Leukemia at the young age of 54, she had tried to give him the kiss of life after he passed away....and to this day I think she held herself responsible that she could not bring him back.    She always used to tell me that she would be with him "soon" and as a result she got her wish.

I am glad they are reunited....but am sorry for her mum Auntie Brenda who unfortunately will never get over this sad loss.

Kez sadly lost her life whilst riding out with her husband to be Steve on July afternoon in 2010 in Sussex, it was six weeks before her wedding and she'd only had a dress fitting and ordered her flowers the week before.

RIP Kezzer Yendall....you were one of the best!!


Meesh (Your Cousin) xx 


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