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Joseph Aglio's Online Memorial Photo

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Create Online Memorial Photo Albums
Create Online Memorial Photo Albums
Create Online Memorial Photo Albums
Create Online Memorial Photo Albums

Memorial Biography

Joseph Aglio, 60, of Ramona, passed away on December 23, 2010. Dr. Aglio had his chiropractic practice in Ramona for 19 years. He will be remembered by all those who knew him as an avid sports fan.

He enjoyed all sports, but kept a special place in his heart for the Fighting Irish, having graduated from Notre Dame in 1972. Joseph was born and raised in Pennsylvania and fell in love with the Pittsburgh sports teams. He loved to watch Steelers football on Sundays and always found time to watch Penguins hockey. He loved to watch sports on his free time and always stayed up on sports news. He had a passion for running and photography. He recently began to get more involved in the process of photography and wanted to learn as much as he could. Joe left behind some amazing photos that truly show the beauty that was seen through his eyes. Joe enjoyed running and did his best to find the time to run as much as possible. It was his way of letting go of the stress of life and enjoying the beauty that surrounded him.

Joe was an amazing individual in so many ways, and had one of the biggest hearts that a person could possibly have. He loved all that knew him and cared so much for his family and friends. He was known as the rock of the family because of his incredible strength to handle every situation the best he could. His family relied on him the most and always knew that he would be there in a time of need.

Joe never let Heart Disease effect his life and never once gave up the fight that he went through each day. His goal was to live a normal life and cherish each day he was given. Joe taught everyone that knew him that you can never care for people too much. He treated all that he knew as family and would have done anything and everything for all that knew him.

Joseph leaves behind his beloved wife, Gaye; their daughter, Taylor; and their son, Dustin. He is also survived by his mother, Mildred; his brother, Ron; sisters, Kathy and Marcee; and niece, Sierra.

Joe will live on in the heart's of all who knew him...forever and always!