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Jocelyn Carrillo's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

As an unexpected child turn to a loving an blessing sended from God. Jocelyn Naileen Carrillo was born premature June 4, 2012. With a heart deffect , down syndrome and possibility of getting leukimia in her fisrt year of her life. She was a very sick baby who faught for her life in the month and a half in picu. It was a step forward and two steps back. Everyday was sure a new day for her and for us. One day was no she is not going to make it to another were she was doing so good. Doing blood tranfusions often. One day momma got so sick and was'nt going to make it to see her as i usually everyday twice a day never left her side, but this time i had to and I received the call telling me if I wasnt going to make it and she was going to be release. The best news I had heard in those weeks. So she came home with family and loving each moment we had with her. So we started with physical therapy and ofcourse oncology clinic, a daily routine for her 2 yrs of life. Well at her 1 yr and a half she got this ugly deseas call leukimia( AML). As soon as we found out we started with the rounds of chemotherapy and a protocol of six months. Everything was going so good.We would go in an out of treatments until it started getting ruff on her little body, but she would put her best smile and energy as if nothing was happining to her. She had her beautiful hair everything seemed to go so great for her until she got sick from one thing to another. I was so afraid but still prayed for the best and never let go on God's hands. But at that time our home was picu for so long that it did'nt matter to me now just as long as she got better and everything was going wrong at that time. One thing after another but she still proved she could do it. She was the happiest baby every after all she had gone through from heart surgery to another health issue. Then she started loosing her hair to me it matter so much but after family telling me it was ok that her hair will grow back, but my heart was aching so much part was because she wasn't herself any more. Everything seem to bother her until it was a decision of leaving her at the hospital or bringing her home. My hardest decision of my life. That point seem so not true. I thought and thought about it and seen her by my side and her sick body and beautiful face made me decide it was ok to bring her home and enjoy her the time she had on earth with her sisters that missed her so much. She was here with joy and happy until God called her home. At age 2 and a half she became our Angel June 4, 2010. We miss her so much, but as we know she doesn't suffer at all.